Next LHNCC meeting

The next LHNCC meeting will be on Tuesday 27 October, at 7pm, via Zoom.

LHNCC is aware that online meetings exclude those who cannot access them, whatever the reason. However, this is the best it can offer under the current circumstances.

Further meeting dates, coronavirus permitting, are 7pm to 9pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month.

LHNCC quarterly newsletter: Summer 2020

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Living Streets: new five-year strategy!

Today Living Streets is launching its new five-year strategy (2020-2025).

It’s bold, ambitious and it reflects the changed world we find ourselves in. Walking is at its heart and we want to see three key outcomes: 

  • people choose walking
  • better streets for walking
  • all walks of life – we want walking to be for everyone.


The year 2020 has been a momentous one. Millions of people have rediscovered walking during the COVID-19 pandemic and governments across the UK have prioritised active travel.

But the pandemic has also highlighted the inadequacies of our walking environments, the stark inequalities in our local communities and the isolation and loneliness experienced by older adults.

This is the time for a walking movement to address these challenges.

You can read more about our new strategy and watch our short summary video on our website.

We can only realise our vision with your continued support.

We need to keep building a powerful movement of people who will share their passion, time and money, to help us make walking safe, easy and attractive.

Walk with us!
Stephen Edwards
Director of Policy and Communications
Living Streets

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Registered Charity No. 1108448 (England and Wales) and SC039808 (Scotland). Living Streets Company Registration No. 5368409.<

Registered address: America House, 2 America Square, London EC3N 2LU

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LHNCC October meeting – register now

LHNCC’s October meeting will be online, via Zoom. Register via Eventbrite to join us:

The agenda will become available on, as soon as it’s ready. We will also email it to voting members, ex-officio members and those who register via Eventbrite. (We’ll also send out draft minutes of the October AGM and ordinary meeting.)

Basic info

  • LHNCC uses the Zoom platform. Get the software
  • We will email the Zoom details to those who register.
    • We do this manually, so these emails won’t be instantaneous.
  • The Zoom link will be open from 18:45, so people can connect, say ‘hello’ etc.
    • There will be a waiting-room, but we will admit you as quickly as possible.
  • The actual meeting will begin at 19:00.
    • At that point all but the chair, secretary and meeting-host will be muted. Please raise your electronic hands, use chat or (last resort) gesticulate to speak.
    • Use of ‘chat’ to discuss issues and raise points is welcome.
  • The meeting will be Zoom-recorded on the minutes secretary’s computer to enable creation of accurate minutes.
    • This recording will not leave the minutes secretary’s computer.

Removal of Ocean Terminal Discovery Garden, green space and trees: LHNCC’s objection-letter

LHNCC has objected to plans that include the removal of Ocean Terminal Discovery Garden, green space and trees within the site.

The PDF of LHNCC’s objection is here: LHNCC – Letter of objection Tram Stop application-OT (Oct 2020) JM Final. LHNCC’s reasons for objecting include

  • the application would be contrary to condition 3 of the original application for Ocean Terminal identifying that the proposed works are therefore not a permitted development
  • removal of an important cultural and heritage asset belonging to the Community of Leith
  • [removal of] the range of key ecosystem services the Garden currently provides
  • The garden provides the only green space and is well used and well loved by local residents, visitors and customers/employees of Ocean Terminal shopping centre.

The full text of LHNCC’s objection is below the cut.

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Flu vaccination – stakeholder briefing

The full PDF is here: Flu stakeholder info (PDF). Here are some key points


The COVID-19 pandemic, and the increase in the number of people who should get a free flu vaccine, means it is very difficult for your GP practices to give flu vaccines to everyone eligible this winter.

In Edinburgh, we have set up drive through and walk through clinics around the city to give flu vaccines to all eligible people during October and November. Doing this will allow us to vaccinate as many people as possible, while making sure we can maintain physical distancing and keep everyone safe.

Information in other languages is on EHSCP’s YouTube channel:

Some detail

The clinics will open most weekends in October and November and can vaccinate up to 500 people a day.

By developing flu drive throughs, everyone entitled to a free flu vaccine from a household can attend at the same time. For those who don’t have access to a car, you’ll be able to visit one of the walk through clinic across the city.

In addition, you can give a neighbour or friend a lift as long as you are both well and wear masks and take normal COVID precautions (further details are available on the NHS Inform website below)

As well as over 65s, pregnant people, unpaid carers and those at risk due to existing health conditions, those who lived with people who shielded during lockdown will also be offered a free flu jab.

Keeping people safe and healthy is a priority, so before the jab is administered, a nurse will ask some questions to make sure it is safe to administer the vaccine. The person receiving the jab doesn’t need to leave their car and will also be asked to wait 15 minutes before leaving the clinic to ensure there’s no reaction to the vaccine.

If you are eligible for a free flu vaccine, or for more information, go to to find out where you can get your jab in Edinburgh. If you qualify for a free vaccine you’ll be given a time to attend a clinic after completing a short questionnaire. Please help neighbours and friends who may not be comfortable with accessing websites.


These groups are eligible for the flu vaccine this year:

  • all primary school children
  • children aged 2 to 5 (children aged 2 on 1 September 2020 and not yet in school)
  • anyone aged 55 and over (from December)
  • anyone aged 18-64 in clinical risk groups
  • those living with people who were shielding during lockdown
  • pregnant women
  • healthcare workers
  • unpaid and young carers
  • social care workers who provide direct personal care

£eith Chooses 2021 is happening!

£eith Chooses Steering Group writes

Many thanks to all who responded to our recent survey. What a rich and heart-warming show of care, commitment, and bright ideas!

The overwhelming consensus was that £eith Chooses 2021 should go ahead, even in our current challenging and less than ideal circumstances. And it’s happening!

The good news is that, with a little help from within the Council, we have found a way to arrange online voting for £eith Chooses 2021, so we won’t need to have a ‘Panel’ to allocate funding after all. We will still hold at least one public meeting online, to support participation, bring everyone up to speed, and to discuss a number of the points brought up in the survey. More news on that soon!

But because time is now short (how did that happen?), we need to push on with the project meanwhile. The Themes used previously received a majority approval rating in the survey results, so we’re sticking broadly with those same topic areas.

The theme for 2021 is:

In these Covid times: 

  • Challenging food poverty in Leith


  • Reducing isolation / ensuring connectedness

Please go to the £eith Chooses website to get application forms and more information. Groups will have until 11 December 2020 to fill them in and return them.

Voting will take place in January 2021

The £eith Chooses team will offer support to applicants on demand, but that will be online or by phone, rather than in person. Watch our website for details.

Salamamder St: online consultation

The consultation web-page is at In brief, it says

Landowner John G Russell (Transport) Ltd is seeking your views about their proposals to redevelop land at Salamander St/Bath Road. Your feedback will inform our future planning application.

This website provides details of the proposed new residential-led, mixed-use redevelopment. 

The site represents an exciting opportunity to enhance the townscape of Leith through the delivery of high-quality new housing in a location which is identified for residential-led regeneration.

Please take the opportunity to review and submit any feedback you may have to the team.

Information and exhibition boards will be available on this site from 8 October. They will then be available for comment until Thursday 29  October.

Those unable to access the information on this site, or consultation boards and feedback form online, or who have questions, can call 0131 202 3259 or email:

Leith100 Autumn Programme of Events: highlights

Leith100 Autumn Programme of Events have come to a close and we can’t thank each of you enough!

It was an absolute joy each night of the Light-Up Leith History Mural getting to see the mural with you and hearing so many stories and memories about the images depicted.

We are very much looking forward to seeing you again at our next events, and as an avid reader of the LeithLate mailers you’ll be the first to know about them!!!

Below are some highlights. Miss you already

Here’s the full piece (

Leith Walk/Halmyre Street Place Brief is now online

Here are the key points of CEC Planning’s blog. The full blog (with photos) is at

The Leith Walk/Halmyre Street Place Brief is now online. The approved place brief provides guidance for a co-ordinated approach to a housing-led, mixed use development on a site east of Leith Walk and west of Halmyre Street.

The place brief has been prepared by the Council’s planning service in collaboration with other Council services. It has involved extensive engagement with the local community and other stakeholders through a series of community engagement events held in January this year, covered in this blog back in May.

Future planning applications for any part of the site will be required to address the principles within the place brief to ensure that development helps to create a good place.

The place brief has the status of non-statutory planning guidance and will be a material consideration in the determination of relevant planning applications.

You can download the full place brief here.

Piling on Salamander Street (adjacent to Bath Road) Monday 19th October

Barratt East Scotland will commence piling on Salamander Street adjacent to Bath Road on Monday 19th October.

The piling will take approximately one month on this first visit, but could finish up to a couple of weeks over depending on ground conditions. BES will have vibration monitors along the perimeter of the development during these works to protect local home owners, and ourselves.

If there are any questions pertaining to this please let me know.



Laurence Watson
Contract Manager
Barratt East Scotland
>07769 235078

Heart of Newhaven – latest update

Where have the past two years gone?  On 4th October 2018 in Victory Primary School there were lots of ideas on what the community could do here once the children moved to their new school, then still in the planning stages.

We were warned that our dreams would take time and effort and there were delays. The new school building, first scheduled to be opened last August, will be completed one day despite, like so much else, being affected by Covid 19. We are working steadily on ways to promote a better normal as soon as we can. More on that next time.

Meanwhile the Heart of Newhaven Community with our iconic logo is steadily growing with people like you keen to support our programme of ideas.

This update comes hard on the heels of one you may have just received about Membership of our SCIO – Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.   It’s a bit technical, so I’ll try to explain.

We registered the Heart of Newhaven Community SCIO SC049919, as the first step to qualify for the Community Asset Transfer of Victoria Primary School. Our SCIO constitution allows different categories of membership and the letter sent recently showed which one we think fits you as you register, as I hope you will.

Depending on which category you fall into, membership will give you a vote at meetings and so enable you to have your say in deciding what happens.

The ‘Asset’ (the whole of the current school site) to be ‘tansferred’ will belong to the Charity on behalf of the whole community: so the name Heart of Newhaven Community is apt.
But it’s not just a place. The beating pulse of the whole community already exists in people – YOU! –  living human beings. A really good way to help create what the name shows is to register on the form you’ve hopefully been sent.

If you have any questions about membership, haven’t had a letter, or think you received the wrong one, then you can find out more HERE on the website. If you’re still in doubt, please feel free to contact me directly at and I’ll try to help. 

I hope the next one will be more exciting but we are definitely not just dreaming the time away and the next two years should be very impressive.

Rodney Matthews
Chair and Vision Facilitator
The Heart of Newhaven Community

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Heart of Newhaven Community
c/o Victoria Primary School
Newhaven Main Street

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