Next LHNCC meeting

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The next meeting of Leith Harbour & Newhaven Community Council will be

  • In the Shore room of Leith Community Centre 
  • On Tuesday 22 May 2018
  • at 7.00pm

LHNCC agenda – 22 May 2018

  1. Introductions
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Police Report
  6. Industry Lane: Presentation/discussion Mr Slawek Kuzlo
  7. Reports: Secretary and Treasurer
  8. Councillors/MSP/MP Report/s
  9. Planning update: Details available LHNCC planning page:
    1. 18/00846/FUL: Skyliner, Ocean Drive
    2. 17/05415/FUL: Great Junction Street
    3. 18/01154/PAN: Baltic Street (Bath Road)
    4. 18/01015/PAN: Leith Walk Edinburgh EH6 5DX (Stead’s Place)
    5. 16/03684/FUL: Cala Waterfront
    6. 17/04428/FUL: Whisky Distillery
    7. 16/02815/PPP: Hotel Ocean Drive (Ocean Terminal)
    8. 18/01876/FUL & 18/01877/CON: 4 Industry Lane
  10. Events: Detail available: LHNCC events page:
    1. Visit to SS Explorer – feedback.
    2. Victoria Primary School Gala Day (26/5/18) – request for volunteers/stewards
    3. Leith Festival Gala Day (9/6/18) – share stall with LLCC
  11. Other work: Detail available LHNCC other work page:
    1. LRT Transport to WGH – Support from Trinity CC, Leith Links CC and Granton & District CC.
    2. Trinity Academy. Argument for upgrading. – email letter of support
  12. Police Scotland: Letter sent to Donald Wilson re CEC pays £2·6 million foradditional policing to Police Scotland (PS) – no response, email sent
  13. Skatepark, Melrose Drive: to be bulldozed – Information on our website.
  14. LHNCC Newsletter – Update
  15. AOCB:
    1. Quintinshill (Gretna) Disaster: Memorial Service

    2. Review how LHNCC responds to Planning Applications – ongoing
  16. Date of next meeting AGM: Tuesday 26 June 2018

Newhaven Gala 2018

Saturday 26 May, 1:30pm at Newhaven Harbour. Then at Victoria Primary School until 4:00pm.

Face painting, hot dogs, Indian and Thai curry, home baking, mind-boggling experiments and dazzling science demonstrations by the Science Festival busking bikes, toys, books/dvds, crafts, raffle, tombola, wine and water, pirate treasure hunt, and more…

Please click the graphic to download and share the official poster:

Newhaven Children’s Gala: what’s happening

(with thanks to Heather Suttie for sending in this information)

All welcome and no entrance fee!

The event starts with a parade of fishwives and fisherboys (from P1, P1/2, P6 & P7) which leaves Victoria Primary School at 1.15pm. We walk to the harbour to await the ‘Queen’ and her royal party, then parade back to Victoria Primary School where the crowning ceremony takes place.

Our VIP this year is Ben MacPherson, MSP. The parade will be led by piper Colin McNeil with the school Samba band joining in at the end with help from Pulse of the Place.  Newhaven Community Choir and Victoria Primary School children’s choir will sing a few songs. There will be stalls in the playground – food and activities, etc. Continue reading

In case of cycle-theft…

… Police Scotland would find the following information useful:

  • Make:
  • Model:
  • Type: ladies/gents/roadbike/mountain/bmx/customized/child)
  • Frame material: (aluminium/carbon-fibre/titanium/steel)
  • Frame number:
  • Position of frame/serial number on frame: crankshaft, chain stay, seat post, seat tube, Handlebars
  • Frame colours:
  • Frame size:
  • Wheel size:
  • Tyres: (make/colour/identifying marks)
  • Gears: (make/type/number
  • Handlebars: (standard/straight/racing/mountain/make of handlebar)
  • Pedals full description: (rubber/metal/plastic/reflector)
  • Saddle: (colour/style/plastic/leather)
  • Mudguards:
  • Chain guards:
  • Lights:
  • Fork:
  • Reflectors:
  • Suspension/shocks: (make, position on bike if present)
  • Bottle cage:
    • yes
    • no
    • description
  • Non-standard additions/Bespoke
  • Identifying marks: (stickers/badges/damage/repairs/security marks)
    • Where positioned: handlebars/saddle/stem/head-tube/top-tube/down-tube/seat-post/seat-stay/seat-tube/crank-arm.
  • Details:  what do the security marks consist of?
  • Photo available: Yes/No

Transport, Mobility and Placemaking workshops

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council. Those who are interested in the proposed tram extension, or the Picardy Place redevelopment might be interested in section 3.27 of the Transport Strategy.)

Three inter-related projects are being developed collectively by the City of Edinburgh Council to improve the quality of life of those who live, work, and visit Scotland’s capital city, by helping to create safer and more attractive streets and spaces, cleaner air, and improved access for all.

The three projects are:

All three contribute towards the developing 2050 Edinburgh City Vision, by improving mobility, and creating better places.

To help shape the development of the three projects we kindly request your attendance at a stakeholder workshop, being held to better understand issues associated with transport, mobility, and placemaking across our city, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement. Such stakeholder feedback will inform the development of proposals to be consulted on across the city later in the year.

By the end of Monday 30 April, please register your interest to attend one of the following workshops at the City Chambers (European Room – High Street, Edinburgh), by emailing with

  • your name
  • your contact details
  • your organisation (where relevant), and
  • your workshop preference:
    • Wed. 9 May 18:00-20:00, or
    • Thu. 10 May 09:30-11:30.

Thank you in advance for your time and anticipated assistance, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
Spatial Policy Team | Place Directorate | The City of Edinburgh Council | G3 Waverley Court | 4 East Market Street | Edinburgh | EH8 8BG |