Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting, 25 June 2020

Minutes of the Community Councils Together on Trams/Trams Team meeting
(Construction Phase) via Google Meet on Thursday 25 June 2020 at 5:30pm Continue reading

LHNCC May 2020 minutes

Notes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council members-only meeting, held via Zoom on Tuesday 26 May 2020 at 7pm Continue reading

LHNCC agenda: June 2020

Given the unusual nature of the circumstances we are in, we are doing our best for the Community Council and also the best in our responsibility to deliver upon our commitment to the community which we serve.

Because LHNCC is currently learning how to conduct meetings online, this will be a members-only ‘discussion’ meeting.

  • LHNCC welcomes public input in advance via the website contact-form at
  • Public input is equally welcome at any time after the meeting.

LHNCC is aware that online meetings exclude those who cannot access them, whatever the reason. However, this is the best it can offer under the current circumstances.

We would also like to thank all the valiant people who are providing essential services across all sectors in our community and beyond.

  1. Introductions, apologies
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Minutes of May 2020 meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Police Report tbc POLICE SCOTLAND: Reporting hate crime circulated 16/6/20
  6. Report from Councillors
  7. Chair, Secretary andTreasurer reports
  8. Standing reports:
    1. Planning
      1. Stead’s Place/106-162 Leith Walk – report on meeting with Developer
      2. 120 Ferry Road/Industry Lane
      3. Ocean Terminal proposal
      4. CEC updated information on planning changes relating to Coronavirus
      5. Development Construction restarts – Phased (5 phases)
    2. Licensing
    3. Transport
      1. Trams/CCTT (Community Councils Together on Trams) – Meeting 28 May
        • Letter Trams to Newhaven project update on construction restart
        • Rare whale bones amongst historical discoveries made in tram project excavations
      2. EBUG (Edinburgh Bus Users’ Group)
      3. TRAFFIC ORDERS – Find out what proposals there are for your area:
    4. Environment
      1. Cladding issues – appeal from FoWLB
    5. Heritage
      1. Buildings at Risk: Update on Victoria And Rennie’s Isle Bridges.
      2. Edinburgh World Heritage Events:
        • In conversation with…politicians – Thursday 4 June 2020
        • How can we build a better city? – Thursday 25 June
      3. Cockburn Association Civic Trust – Meeting 2 June 2020.
        • Doors Open Days 2020 – It is planned to host a virtual DOD event this year
        • What should a post Covid-19 Edinburgh look like?
    6. Community
      1. Leith Chooses – Projects adapt to Covid-19 crisis
  9. EACC – Online meeting Thursday 18 June 2020 – feedback
  10. Neighbourhood Networks
  11. AOCB
  12. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 26 August

Interim arrangements for advertising Traffic and other Orders

Edinburgh Council recently emailed LHNCC about issues relating to the progressing of Traffic (and other) Orders, in particular how it plans to continue to provide that service in light of the ongoing situation with Covid-19. It has also asked for LHNCC’s help in ensuring that, for all forthcoming consultations on such Orders, the Council reaches as wide an audience as possible in these challenging times.

Hence the rest of this post, copied (and adapted slightly to talk to LHNCC’s followers) from the Council’s letter: Also, Edinburgh Council has asked LHNCC to publicise this information-sheet:

Edinburgh Council's information-sheet, which contains the same information at the rest of the post.

Click the graphic to see the full-size PDF in a new tab/window.

As you will undoubtedly be aware, the ongoing situation with Coronavirus continues to have an impact on how Edinburgh Council delivers many of its services. Some of those impacts involve how the Council is able to comply with legislative requirements when it comes to advertising Orders, as well as to (for example) placing documents on deposit at our offices so that they can be viewed by the public.

The Scottish Government, recognising that there would be legislative requirements that related to a range of services provided by Scottish Local Authorities (including Planning, Licensing and traffic orders) recently passed a piece of legislation (The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020) that makes temporary provisions to allow these legal processes to continue. The Act effectively removes any legal requirements that might increase the likelihood of spreading or transmitting coronavirus, whilst encouraging local authorities to adopt alternative methods of imparting important information to interested or affected parties.

The Council’s Policy and Sustainability Committee recently approved a recommendation to adopt temporary measures related to the processing, advertising and making of various types of road-related orders. These temporary measures mean that, until further notice, the Council will not:

  1. Erect street notices for any Traffic Regulation Order (including temporary or experimental orders), Roads (Scotland) Order, Speed Limit Order or Orders processed in accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act;
  2. Place any documents on deposit linked to any of the aforementioned orders at Waverley Court or any other Council building

In place of these measures, all correspondence will direct interested parties to the Council’s website, where the existing pages have been amended to include additional detail of Orders at different stages of the legal process, as well as including details of all TTROs that are currently in effect.

The Council is also looking at additional ways of raising the profile of both our own website and of

Hence the Council has asked LHNCC to place a generic notice on your website or social media pages, highlighting that proposals are still being taken through the different legal processes and encouraging people to register for updates on or to visit he Council’s website to see what work is currently ongoing. Community Councils will continue to receive (and publish as normal) correspondence from the Council.

If you have any questions or concerns about traffic orders, please contact Edinburgh Council via LHNCC would also like to hear your concerns. You can either email LHNCC’s secretary at or use the contact form at

LHNCC April 2020 minutes

Notes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council members-only meeting, held via Zoom on Tuesday 28 April 2020 at 7pm
Actions and decisions are red italic. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

1 Introductions, apologies for absence, CEC requirements for online CC meetings

1.a Present

Elaine Dick LHNCC Neil Tulloch LHNCC
Don Giles LHNCC Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary
Rob Levick LHNCC Cllr Adam MacVey Leith ward
Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC Lisa Clarke Representing Ben Macpherson MSP
Douglas Tharby LHNCC Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North and Leith


Arthur Young LHNCC Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward Cllr Gordon Munro Leith ward

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Edinburgh Council coronavirus update

This was circulated to CCs on behalf of Cllr McVey on 23 May.

Dear colleagues

I wanted to write to you to make you aware of our ongoing efforts to deal with the impact of Coronavirus on our city and our residents, and to give you further details of the support we’re providing in conjunction with our partners.

Alongside a substantial city-wide effort, we’ve been astounded by the goodwill and generosity of the people of Edinburgh to offer help and support in responding to the impact of covid-19 on our most vulnerable.

We’ll get through it together, and I know we’ll emerge stronger. Thank you all for the part you are playing.

Supporting the people of Edinburgh

Over the last six weeks, we’ve all had to manage the implications of Coronavirus on our lives. For many of us, this has meant a change in how we work and coping with the reality of home schooling. For some, it has also brought worry and anxiety about the health of our families or paying the bills and practical things like getting out to buy food and essential supplies.

During this time, teams across the Council has been helping residents with these challenges, be they at immediate physical risk from the virus due to an underlying health condition, or in need a bit of extra financial or practical support. We’ve also been supporting businesses and local groups at the heart of our communities with grants and access to local and national funding support. We’ve been working remotely around the clock to ensure that queries can still be dealt with and our residents continue to have points of contact

Early action

  • We strengthened our welfare and benefit teams to respond to the immediate need for financial advice and support and offered assurance that no council tenant need worry about losing their home during this crisis. The Council has processed over 4,600 applications for support and distributed nearly £600,000 in payments to date.
  • The Scottish Government wrote out to citizens already coping with serious or long-term illnesses, who are at greater risk from the virus, asking them to self-isolate. We stepped up an emergency team to provide support to people in this ‘shielding’ group who can’t get support from family or friends to help with essential food supplies and medicine deliveries. To date we’ve distributed over 1,600 food parcels and organised 87 pharmacy deliveries across the city.
  • As schools shut, we responded immediately to support families who needed help with the added costs of having children at home all day. Around £390,000 and over 5,000 food boxes have gone out to Edinburgh’s families so far with continuing support planned until the end of June.
  • We established five Council Resilience Centres across the city to offer critical support to people in vulnerable situations, while adhering to physical distancing measures. The centres support to people most at need in three critical situations of experiencing homelessness or serious/significant harassment, or in need of pre-arranged emergency cash payments.
  • We’re continuing to deliver as many frontline services as possible, but only if safe to do so. Services meeting the needs of vulnerable adults and children remain open and offering support. An up-to-date breakdown of our services and how they’re operating is available from our website

Expanding our support network

As the crisis progresses, we know that more people will experience new and increased forms of vulnerability and need, many of whom will not previously have engaged with us before.

  • In addition to setting up the shielding support, we’ve made it as easy as possible to seek support through one team which processes all requests and makes sure the right support is available, advice given, or connections made.
  • Rather than seek to recreate local networks, we’ve entered into a funded agreement with key groups of local organisations through EVOC to enable food distribution and essential supplies to residents who are being affected by COVID 19.
  • We’ve made four school hubs available to support local food storage, packing and distribution with staff on the ground ready to work with our voluntary and third sector colleagues to get essential supplies out as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • This support is now in operation and we’re taking over 100 calls a day, with requests for support being met within 48 hours, whether that be for essential food, medicine deliveries or other forms of support like dog walking or befriending.

Supporting community resilience

We know also that voluntary and local groups have stepped up local activity to provide a safety net of support for people who are finding they need help as a result of the crisis. Their support is wide-ranging, including mental health and wellbeing support for those who are struggling with isolation, targeted at young families and older people or people with disabilities. Some of these third sector/voluntary groups may be struggling with the financial consequences of increased demand, so we’ve established a team to support them to access Scottish Government funding and put in place a fund of small loans to help groups as they apply. We are aware that many community groups and third sector organisations in Edinburgh have already been successful in applying for funding from a range of grants.

Volunteering in the city

Alongside this substantial city-wide effort, we’ve been astounded by the goodwill and generosity of the people of Edinburgh to offer help and support in responding to the impact of covid-19 on our most vulnerable.

  • The power of being a good neighbour and reaching out to help friends and families has been invaluable. The everyday kindness and support being offered in communities across the city helps to meet the needs of the most vulnerable every bit as much as those who are on the front line. There are around 35 online peer-to-peer support groups currently operating, helping to connect people in need with people who can informally help. Volunteer Edinburgh produced a short video to encourage peer to peer neighbourliness and has guidance on being a good neighbour safely on their website
  • Over 5000 people have volunteered to help either locally or via the national campaign and we’re working closely with Volunteer Edinburgh who are contacting every volunteer to match the skills and capacity with demand. This means ensuring the right checks and safeguards are in place before anyone can start, and while some may feel this process is frustrating, it’s important for the safety of our volunteers and the people they will help.
  • At the same time, we are re-aligning Council staff who are not able to carry out their normal role into critical roles, such as in care homes and waste services, to make sure we continue to keep essential services operating.

Sources of information and support

Main contact points are attached. We’re updating our coronavirus website section daily, so please check there regularly for new information. You’ll also find many resources which will help parents, carers, young people and families cope, home learning support, financial and debt advice, mental health support, and information on our services, to mention a few areas. Our contact us section also gives you the key contact points for key services.

Adam McVey
The City of Edinburgh Council

Useful contacts

During this difficult period, we’re experiencing significant pressures and need to prioritise services to provide support to those who need it most. We really appreciate your patience and support at this time. This information is correct as at 8 May 2020. Please check the contact us section website for updates as we may have to make changes to our services at any time.

Vulnerable people
Shielded people
Council resilience centres
Customer contact centre
Council Tax, benefits and welfare
Council house repairs
Business support
Waste and environmental services
Support for third sector/voluntary groups to apply for funding

Vulnerable people

If you are over 70; have a disability; need support from mental health services; are pregnant; have dementia; receive a flu jab for health reasons; and/or don’t have online access to get information. Contact us during office hours if you need help. We are open Monday – Thursday 8.30 am – 5 pm, Friday 8.30 am – 3.40 pm. Telephone: 0131 200 2306 or email

Shielded people

  • If you are shielding at home due to higher risk of severe illness from coronavirus, register for the SMS Shielding service – send text from your mobile phone to 0786 006 4525. The text you send should only include your CHI number.
  • If you don’t have a mobile call 0131 200 2388 or email You will need your CHI number which is on the letter your received. The telephone line is open Monday – Thursday 8.30 am – 5 pm, Friday 8.30 am – 3.40 pm. If it’s an emergency, the out of hours team will respond on 0131 200 2000.

Council resilience centres

Five Council resilience centres have been established across the city. These are not open to the general public. Customers are asked to attend in person only if it is critical and you are experiencing homelessness, experiencing serious or significant harassment or collecting an agreed cash payment. The centres are located in:

  • Wester Hailes – South West Locality Office, 10 Westside Plaza, EH14 2SP
  • West Pilton Gardens – North West Locality Office, 8 West Pilton Gdns, EH4 4DP
  • Captain’s Road – South East Locality Office, 40 Captain’s Rd, EH17 8QF
  • Craigmillar – North East Locality Office, 101 Niddrie Mains Road, EH16 4DS
  • Leith – Criminal Justice/ Social Work Centre, Newkirkgate Shopping Centre Units C&D, Newkirkgate Shopping Centre, Edinburgh EH6 6AD

All the centres operate 10am to 4pm, except Craigmillar which operates 8.30am to 5pm Mon-Thurs and 8:30am to 4pm Friday.


Customer contact centre

To help with the efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus, we’re providing critical services and support only in our contact centre. This means we’ll be running an essential and emergency phone service to help our most vulnerable residents.

  • Use our online services: please make use our online services wherever possible to request it, report it or pay it.
  • Emergency situations: Support for those most at risk and hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak will be prioritised in all circumstances. If you’re experiencing an emergency or critical situation, please phone 0131 200 2000. Please only phone if the issue is urgent. Otherwise, if the service you wish to access isn’t available on our website, please email us and we’ll deal with your enquiry as soon as possible. You’ll find email addresses for our services below.

Council Tax, benefits and welfare

  • You can find guidance in our Council Tax, benefits and welfare FAQs.
  • Due to the overwhelming demand we are continuing to support telephone contact, however, due to significantly reduced resources in our contact centre, our Council Tax and Benefits phone line will now be open Monday to Thursday 10am to 4pm, Friday 10am to 3pm.
  • If you need to speak to someone in the service as an emergency, please phone 0131 608 1111. We would request that all other contact is by email to income and benefits. We will come back to you promptly and are currently streamlining our service and resources to cope with current demand.
  • If you need debt or welfare advice, you can contact our advice shop.

Council house repairs

  • For a short period of time, we are only able to carry out critical responsive repairs in Council homes. We have made this decision because it’s vital that we do everything we can to prevent the spread of coronavirus while at the same time we look after vulnerable people, protect staff from harm and maintain, as far as possible, essential services.
  • Critical responsive repairs will be carried out where there is a serious risk to health and safety, a serious risk to the structure of your home and/or your home is not secure.
  • To report an emergency repair please call 0131 200 2345. Please only report emergencies on this number – this will allow us to prioritise the most urgent repairs for our most vulnerable tenants.

Business support

The business support section on our website has support and guidance information including details of Government’s Coronavirus Newly Self-Employed Hardship Fund and Coronavirus Business Support Fund.

Waste and environmental services

  • We’re working hard to keep our bin services running and have put plans in place to allow us to continue to run collections. Staff shortages mean that we need to prioritise some collections and there will be changes to your collections and our street cleaning services, including some services running late. Find out more about out waste and recycling service.
  • Please use our waste online services where possible. If the service you require isn’t available on our website you can email waste.
  • Please only phone us if the issue is dangerous and a threat to public safety 0131 200 2000.

Support for third sector/voluntary groups to apply for funding

Our team is supporting community projects and organisations who may need support to identify suitable funding and assist them to helping their communities with the Covid-19 crisis. This may be in the form of advice or assistance with a funding application. Email the support for grants team.

Edinburgh off-road paths Code of Conduct

Edinburgh Council has published a guide to conduct when using off-road paths.

Click either graphic to see the full PDF:

Here’s the text from the PDF:

Edinburgh is great for walking and cycling with its fantastic network of off-road paths across the city.

These paths are for everyone. Whether you’re out for a stroll, heading to work, off for a run, walking the dog, taking a leisurely bike ride or out for a family adventure with the kids.

So everyone can share the paths in safety and comfort, please follow this simple code of conduct.

You can get this document on tape, in Braille, large print and various computer formats if you ask us. Please contact Interpretation and Translation Service (ITS) on 0131 242 8181 and quote reference number 17-2231. ITS can also give information on community language translations. You can get more copies of this document by calling 0131 529 3030.

Designed by the City of Edinburgh Council 17-2491/CE/SG/October 2017


Please consider all other path users.

Stay alert, especially if using headphones or your phone.

Don’t assume everyone can see or hear you.

Keep left if possible and pass on the right.

Please don’t leave your rubbish behind.


Use your bell – well in advance.

Please give others space.

Don’t pass at speed.

At night – avoid dazzling: dip, dim, don’t strobe.

Walkers and runners

Listen for cyclists’ bells.

Allow cyclists to pass.

At night, be safe be seen.

Dog walkers

Keep dogs on a short lead or close to heel.

Please clean up after your dog.

At night, use a reflective collar or coat on your dog.





LHNCC agenda: May 2020

Given the unusual nature of the circumstances we are in, we are doing our best for the Community Council and also the best in our responsibility to deliver upon our commitment to the community which we serve.

Because LHNCC is currently learning how to conduct meetings online, this will be a members-only ‘discussion’ meeting.

  • LHNCC welcomes public input in advance via the website contact-form at
  • Public input is equally welcome at any time after the meeting.

LHNCC is aware that online meetings exclude those who cannot access them, whatever the reason. However, this is the best it can offer under the current circumstances.

We would also like to thank all the valiant people who are providing essential services across all sectors in our community and beyond.

Agenda: Tuesday 26 May, 7pm

  1. Introductions, apologies
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Notes of April 2020 meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Police Report tbc
  6. Reports from Councillors and elected representatives
  7. Chair, Secretary, Treasurer reports
  8. Standing reports
    1. Planning
      1. 106-162 Leith Walk/Stead’s Place (20/01447/PAN)
      2. 57 Tower Street/5 Bath Road (20/01313/FUL)
    2. Licensing
    3. Transport
      1. Trams/CCTT (Community Councils Together on Trams) – next Meeting 28 May
      2. EBUG (Edinburgh Bus Users’ Group) – CEC traffic measures: Creating Safe space for walking and cycling
    4. Environment
    5. Heritage
      1. Edinburgh World Heritage in Conservation (virtual) – discussion ‘Is Edinburgh’s architecture at the dawn of a ‘New Golden Age’? (7 May 2020). Tbc Next meeting with Politicians and CEC leader.
    6. Community
      1. Coronavirus
      2. Heart of Newhaven
    7. Communications
      1. Newsletter
  9. Neighbourhood Networks
  10. AOCB
  11. Date of next meeting/AGM: Tuesday 23 June tbc

Zoom meeting guide

  • Many of you will be familiar with Zoom – but if not I hope this will help. Any queries please do ask beforehand.
  • During the meeting your audio and video will be turned off. If you have any technical difficulties, please use the ‘chat’ function.
  • We shall answer questions at the end of each item and will have an AOB session at the end of the meeting.
  • To ask a question on an agenda item, please type your question into the ‘chat’ function. Questions will be selected by the chair and you will have your audio and video switched on by the host.
  • If you wish to add to a point made in the question and answer session at the end, please click ‘participants’ and raise your hand. If selected, we will activate your audio.

Active travel update

On Friday, the Council launched a campaign encouraging everyone to be considerate of other people and follow Scottish Government guidance when enjoying their outdoor exercise and travel.

The press release which was published on Friday can be found here.

Increase in people using off-road paths and parks

Since restrictions were introduced to help manage the coronavirus outbreak, there’s been an increase in people using the city’s network of paths, as well as parks, as part of their daily exercise and for travelling to work or local amenities – with up to five times their normal use.

Data up to week five of lockdown shows increases on the Union Canal towpath, with 17% growth in pedestrian numbers at Harrison Park, whilst cycling numbers have grown by 76% at Wester Hailes. On the North Edinburgh Path Network at Rodney St, pedestrian numbers have grown by 14%, cycling numbers by 32%.  At certain times of the week, especially weekends, much bigger increases have been recorded.

While it’s great that the routes are popular and well-used, we want to make sure that everyone can undertake and enjoy their daily exercise and travel in safety and comfort.

Paths for everyone code of conduct

The campaign will direct people to the Paths for Everyone section of the Council’s webpages, where we hope to be able to display information such as busy routes/times, coming from our pedestrian/cycle counter data.  This aims to encourage people to use alternative routes if they can, or exercise at a less busy time.  Smarter Choices, Smarter Places funding for this project is gratefully received from Paths for All.

About the campaign

example of temporary signageTemporary signage (example on the right: click the thumbnail to see the full-size image) will be rolled out this week, starting on the active travel network entry points, and signage in the parks will follow.  We will be running a complementary social media campaign also, and we would really appreciate your support with sharing this content amongst your followers and networks.

Report issues

There might be local issues that you are aware of where additional signs may help. Please email your suggestions to

Wishing you all the best and thank you in advance for your support with our campaign.

Kind regards,

Judith Cowie
‘Smarter Choices, Smarter Places’ Programme Manager
Active Travel
Road Safety and Active Travel
Transport Networks, Place Development
The City of Edinburgh Council