Discovery Gardens: call to action!

There are plans to remove the mature trees and gardens at Ocean Terminal’s Discovery Gardens and replace them with paving and ‘specimen’ trees (drawings available on the Trams to Newhaven website*).

More information is available on

*LHNCC has been told that such plans come from Ocean Terminal’s owners, the Ambassador Group, and that the Trams project is obliged to implement them.

10 thoughts on “Discovery Gardens: call to action!

  1. It’s absolutely disgraceful to pull down this garden
    Does everything on the tram route have to suffer. Please keep our beautiful garden in tact.

  2. Please keep these lovely little gardens they are so well used as a place to sit and have lunch and very well needed in an area so short of green space. Quite honestly I visit ocean terminal every week and I always look forward to sitting in the garden after my shopping to have my lunch.

  3. I live nearby and have used the garden often over the years. The only other green space is now a car park on the Cala building site opposite. It’s despicable that the garden is threatened. I have attended open days about the trams over the years and NEVER has the loss of the garden been mentioned. Once again Edinburgh council has put The Trams and money over everything else. They care not one jot about Leith Citizens. The bins haven’t been emptied for weeks, seagulls raid the bins and strew the rubbish. Leith is lost and forgotten by Edinburgh council. Prove that’s it’s not Adam McVey – make sure the Garden stays and the rubbish is cleaned up.

  4. Why can’t the tramline use the existing route from Ocean Terminal roadworks Holiday Inn roundabout towards where the buses temporarily sit as a terminus? A bit compromise if you are serious about enriching the area as marketed fully by all the construction parties here! The whole area is currently a concrete building site which no doubt will be great when completed and the little garden is surely a wonderful and overlooked asset to the finished look of this part of Leith?

    • The Discovery gardens issue is on LHNCC’s agenda for Tuesday evening. You’ll be very welcome to join us. Please register for the meeting (which will be via Zoom) here:

      Also, I have asked the trams team about other route-changes. Their answer is that they are bound to use the route specified by the Trams Act.

  5. Greetings how can I help to prevent this from happening? I just arrived couple weeks ago to here and I’m madly in love with the city and HOW GREEN it is! Its just so peaceful and natural. Is there any way to sign against it and support? Please let me know.

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