Refreshed Planning and Building Standards Service

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Council)

The Acting Head of Planning and Building Standards is pleased to announce a refreshed Planning and Building Standards Service will be introduced on 27 October 2014.  Following a review of how the service has been delivered, an area-based focus has now been developed for dealing with planning and building standard applications.  There will also be a city wide function for areas such as the development plan, built and natural environment, place making and service delivery.

More information about what the teams do, the areas they cover and contact details for each area are available in Edinburgh Council’s planning blog, Edinburgh Council will be sharing this with its stakeholders and circulating a leaflet round Council offices and libraries in the coming week.  You can also sign up to the blog for email alerts.

 (sent by)

Jo-Anne Jamieson | Planning Technician Planning and Building Standards | Services for Communities | CITY OF EDINBURGH COUNCIL | Waverley Court, G2, 4 East Market Street, EH8 8BG | Tel 0131 529 3147

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