Bow-Tow, a Newhaven Story

(adapted from an email from citizen curator)

Bow-Tow A4Bow-Tow, a Newhaven Story

Songs, choirs, stories and spectacle inspired by the community of Newhaven

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 October 2014

To be a Newhavener is to be Bow-Tow. It is a symbolic relationship between the land and sea, the men and women of Newhaven. This live event will present story telling, theatre and traditional music set alongside performances by local residents young and old.

From 7.00 pm at Newhaven Harbour (outdoor event) and at venues throughout the village untill 9.00 pm

With Jed Milroy, Hamish Moore and the new Newhaven Community Choir, this free event is a celebration of this vibrant community and its place in the 21st century.

For more information, see ‘Newhavener Bow-Tow’ on Facebook

Citizen Curator
Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop
21 Hawthornvale, Edinburgh, EH6 4JT

Citizen Curator is a contemporary arts organisation working with the history and identity of Leith and North Edinburgh.

Image Credit: Newhaven Harbour, Bournonville, N.,1950 © City of Edinburgh Council – Libraries

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