Controlled parking zone consultation: closes 12 November

Edinburgh Council is consulting on proposed parking controls, here: They say

If you have any questions about the proposed controls, please look at our proposal images below, or check our FAQs document and an explanation of how CPZs works. If you would simply like to indicate your support for the proposals or would like to formally object to the overall proposal or any detail of it, you need to do that, in writing, by 12 November 2021. Please email us at You will need to include your full name, address and postcode in this correspondence.

For further information on TROs, please visit or to view the Council’s privacy policy, please click here.

One thought on “Controlled parking zone consultation: closes 12 November

  1. Balfour Place parking, the scheme seems to try to include the private car park at the 16, 18 ,20 Balfour Place. This is residents private parking and gardens, maintained by a private maintenance company for which residents pay annual fee for the upkeep. Please can you explain why this has been included in the scheme.

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