Waterfront Plaza: current status

LHNCC has been informed by the project’s architect that

We have had a number of meetings with the CEC planning department regarding the proposals and are making good progress. The design issues have been discussed with their urban design officer and the principle planner and in our view a number of improvements incorporated. These can be summarised as follows:

  1. The site has been updated to include more open space.
  2. This includes improved buffer between new development and Scottish Government site
  3. Increased deck sizes
  4. Less roads / hard stand
  5. More play areas
  6. Improved landscaping / more green space between affordable apartments in southern part of the site
  7. Improved landscape buffer between affordable apartments and existing apartments along southern boundary

The new landscaping along the southern boundary will form a green barrier along this edge with access restricted to both corners and is as per some of the comments raised at the community meeting. The planners are supportive of this design although they had originally suggested a full building frontage along the lane outside your building similar to the proposals for opposite Ocean Terminal on Ocean Drive.  We resisted this on your behalf as this would obstruct the views through the proposed buildings onto what is now proposed as open space. We have however updated the elevations to be more in keeping with the rest of the development.

The proposals are now well progressed and we hope to achieve a determination at committee in April.

Click the graphics to see the drawings supplied by the architect.

alternative site layout
first floor
for discussion

K:15041_Waterfront_Plaza1. CADSketch(SK)SeriesXREF_SK1504

site layout – blocks F

affordable apartments

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