The Big Lunch!

The Big Lunch 2014 Countdown – 50 days to go!

On April 12th, with just 50 days to go until the UK’s annual get-together for neighbours, The Big Lunch is urging everyone across Scotland to get involved in this year’s event on Sunday 1 June.

The Big Lunch is a very simple idea from the Eden Project. The aim of the Lottery-funded event, now in its sixth year, is to get as many people as possible to have lunch with their neighbours once a year.

Free packs can be requested online, they include posters, invitations, an inspiration booklet and other materials to help organise a Big Lunch, and get-together for a day of friendship, community and fun.

Michelle McManus, who has been a supporter of The Big Lunch since 2013, said: “The Big Lunch is a fantastic idea that is having a positive impact in communities across Scotland and I’d encourage anyone to get signed up and get organising.

“I got the ball rolling in my street last year and held one for my neighbours.  We had a great day getting to know each other better. It makes a difference knowing who lives on your doorstep, you can make new friendships and look out for each other.”

Getting your own Big Lunch off the ground is simple and inexpensive, people are the key ingredient.

Organising a Big Lunch is easier than you think; all you need to do is follow a few simple steps:

  1. Settle on a venue, anywhere from a street to a garden or local community space
  2. If you’re planning a street party, don’t forget to apply to close your road (contact your local council for advice – see for advice)
  3. Invite your neighbours, with free invitations available in your Big Lunch pack
  4. Decide on who will bring what food, such as a bring-your-own picnic or a barbeque
  5. Arrange your decorations and music, bunting templates are also included in the pack.

The benefits of having a Big Lunch?  Research from The Big Lunch showed that over 60% of organisers say having an event in their community made them feel less isolated and 86% of the 3.65 million people that took part in last year’s Big Lunch reported a positive long term effect in their neighbourhood as a result.

Emily Watts, communications manager for The Big Lunch in Scotland said: “The Big Lunch is all about getting together and having fun. They can be big or small and don’t need to cost much because everyone brings something to the table.

“It’s a great way to get neighbours talking, sharing conversation, skills, resources – and, of course, the key ingredient is food! It’s not too late to take part in this year’s event on 1 June so why not sign up now for your free pack and get your own event started.”

  • The Eden Project started The Big Lunch in 2009 with the belief that we’re better equipped to tackle the challenges we face when we face them together
  • The Big Lunch is led by the Eden Project, funded by the Big Lottery Fund and supported by Halifax, Asda and Streetclub by B&Q. Find out more about The Big Lunch at
  • The aim is simply to bring as many people as possible together for lunch with their neighbours once a year and encourage the sharing of conversation, ideas, skills and resources
  • Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall is Patron of The Big Lunch
  • The Big Lunch takes place annually on the first Sunday in June, but events can be held on another day if it works better for the community

See how The Big Lunch comes to life:

The Big Lunch Impact: Feeding Community Spirit

For further information contact:

Julie Gracie, Golley Slater, 0131 220 8787 /

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