LHNCC March 2018 minutes

Minutes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council meeting, held at Leith Community Centre on Tuesday 27 March 2018 at 7.00pm

Actions and decisions are red italic underlined. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

1 Introductions/attendance

Stewart Auld LHNCC Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary
Colin Brown LHNCC Adrian Graham Leith Links CC
Elaine Dick LHNCC Bill Atkinson Trinity CC
James Duff LHNCC Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward
Don Giles LHNCC/friends of Water of Leith Basin Cllr Jim Campbell Forth ward
Rob Levick LHNCC chair Cllr Gordon Munro Leith ward
Allan Mackie LHNCC PC Chris Smith Police Scotland
Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC secretary PC Fiona Brown Police Scotland
Douglas Tharby LHNCC treasurer 5 residents and visitors
Robert Weir LHNCC

2 Apologies for absence

Arthur Young LHNCC Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North & Leith
Gillian Meek Victoria Primary School parents’ council Ben MacPherson MSP  Edinburgh Northern and Leith

3 Minutes of previous meeting

Approved without changes (proposed C Brown, seconded S Auld, nem con)

4 Matters arising

Item 5a. D Tharby reported that he has now been visited by the police and received an official response from PC Clark.

5 Police report

PCs Brown and Smith reported:

  • Sgt Bull has moved from Leith community policing team to its response team. His replacement is Sgt George Nisbet.
  • The community policing officers (CPOs) are plain-clothes patrolling against antisocial behaviour (ASB).
  • There will be a ‘huge’ campaign against theft of cycles. Ocean Drive has been badly affected by such thefts.
  • Operation Contrition (see February minutes, item 5) continues. 4 drugs warrants have been actioned this month: cannabis cultivation was detected. A vehicle was stopped in the Ocean Drive/Terminal area, leading to the recovery of £17,000 cash and £2000 of cannabis.) Two people are in in custody.
  • 2 very antisocial tenants have been evicted. One is in custody, the other is in hospital.
  • 3 robberies have been solved. (One of these was in the Leith Links area. Several arrests have been made.
  • Some road-checks have been carried out on ‘boy-racer’ vehicles at Ocean Terminal. (Their drivers use OT’s free wifi.)
  • The community alcohol partnership starts on Monday, to tackle youth disorder and ASB and sales to underage drinkers. The Spey Lounge, a consistent trouble-spot, is among the places to be tackled.
  • The Dalmeny St park community fun day is on Saturday 31st March (10:30am to 2:30pm).
  • 3 youths have been arrested for house-breaking and carrying a Stanley knife.
  • CPO surgeries are in Ocean Terminal 3rd Friday of the month (12 to 2pm). Details of other Good Friday surgeries are on Twitter (@EdinPolNE). (Northfield Community Centre, 11am; Portobello Library, 1pm; White House, Craigmillar, 3pm)
    • There are also surgeries at the Kirkgate and in Leith Library.

6 LHNCC office-bearers’ reports

6.a Treasurer

  • Current balance £911·22, but three invoices totalling £94·66 (for website and minutes) are due to be paid.
  • Hence effective balance is £816·56.

6.b Secretary

She noted Sgt Bull’s letter to LHNCC about his move to the Leith police response team.

7 Councillors’, MSP’s, MP’s reports

7.a Cllr Booth

He recommended that all LHNCC members attend the tram consultation events. Comments must be submitted online, but this can be done at the events. He asked that comments are CCed to cllrs, so they know the community’s feelings.

  • This was supported by Cllr Munro, who suggested that Constitution/Leith Walk improvements gains may be lost in the tram developments as currently proposed.

7.b Cllr Munro

  • He noted that budget cuts are now being felt increasingly.
  • Dumping on North Leith sands has resumed. Such issues should be reported, so resources are directed appropriately.
  • This month a CEC motion noted that CEC pays £2·6 million for additional policing to Police Scotland (PS). According to figures from Audit Scotland, this is more than 10 times the amount paid by any other council, but there are concerns about value for money because police numbers have been reduced. CEC is currently negotiating a service-level agreement with PS, who appear to be reluctant to agree key performance indicators but:
    • PS are willing to pay for apparently un-necessary costs raised by senior officers.
    • Leith Police station is not permanently staffed, despite a very high recorded crime rate.
    • Cllr Campbell added that Edinburgh has ~23 police officers per 10,000 population, while Glasgow has ~38 while making no contribution similar to that of CEC.

D Giles asked how LHNCC can help here. Cllr Munro suggested writing to Cllr Donald Wilson (copying in Cllr McVey, Cllr Day, Leith Links CC, Leith Central CC) to ask for evidence of actual additional policing; to note (1) the high crime figures in this area, (2) loss of the anti-house-breaking team (3) boy-racer activities.

Action: Secretary & Chair to do this – agreed nem con

Action: B Ryan to disseminate this letter via LHNCC’s online presences

  • Newhaven Gala is on 26 May. The ceremonial docking is at 1:30.
  • There have been serious issues with many cllrs’ IT hardware: emails may not have been received. If people have received no responses, they are welcome to phone cllrs.

7.c Cllr Campbell

  • He represents the Newhaven area as part of Forth ward, which is in northwest locality.
  • He is delighted to see progress on Victoria Primary School.
  • There is cross-party support for repairs to Trinity Academy, which supports part of LHNCC’s area.

8 Planning

C Booth noted that if applications receive 20[1]public comments, they will very likely come to CEC’s planning committee.

8.a Skyliner, Ocean Drive, 18/00846/FUL

J Marlborough reported that while the development would be tenure-blind and have other welcome features:

  • the traffic entrance to/exit from this development (257 flats) would be on Ocean Drive, right next to that of the Cala development (>300 flats) – and on the proposed tram route. Hence there is potential for much congestion.
  • This development is not on the tram plans. There are related problems with the nearby Cala development.
  • Neighbour notification has been inadequate. She has expressed this concern to cllrs.
    • CCllr Munro suggested contacting CEC’s head of planning and director of place.

Action: Secretary to submit objection noting all the above issues, copying this to the above CEC officials

Action: other LHNCC members to notify her of any other concerns ASAP, so these can be included in the objection.

8.b Great Junction Street – 17/05415/FUL

It was noted that very few LHNCC members had looked at this proposal on CEC’s planning portal.

JM noted that the architect has had great difficulty concerning communications with the relevant CEC planning officer, and that new drawings have not been put onto CEC’s planning portal. Action: Secretary to write to the CEC officer, noting these issues, and that LHNCC supports this proposal to redevelop a notable building, copying in CEC’s director of place and head of planning

8.c Baltic St/Bath Road/Salamander St, 18/01154/PAN

JM reported that there will be a public consultation event on 9 May. This development is partially in Leith Links CC’s area, so JM has suggested to LLCC that LHNCC and LLCC should collaborate on this: e.g. joint presentation and discussion.

  • D Giles reported that LLC had very recently discussed this application – LLCC is keen to collaborate here.
  • DG also noted issues about the sewage infrastructure in LLCC’s area: the many new developments in Leith will all use this infrastructure, as does most of the region (e.g. as far as Midlothian). However, developer contributions paid to CEC are not passed on to Scottish Water to funded sewage infrastructure improvements.
    • Cllr Munro noted that, so far, requested improvements have not been funded, and issues over regulations

8.d Stead’s Place (Leith Walk)

JM noted public concerns over the size and height of this proposed development, gentrification, extra student housing.
Cllr Munro reported concerns over: long-established shops being forced out by this possibly speculative application; reduction of light amenity; high rental costs.

Action: LHNCC to co-ordinate its activities with neighbouring CCs

8.e Aldi (Commercial St)

Cllr Booth noted that this proposal had been refused by CEC, but then permitted by the Scottish Government reporter. The licensing application is likely to go to CEC’s licensing board in April.

9 Events

9.a Leith Chooses results (announced Wednesday 21 March 2018)

  • JM noted that results are at http://www.leithchooses.net/awards-2018, and asked for photos from the results event.
  • LHNCC minutes thanks to D Giles, D Tharby and others who were involved. R Weir passed on thanks from applicants.
  • There will be a survey and workshop for applicants, to get feedback

9.b Local development plan briefing Spring 2018 – NE Locality Office, Wednesday 21 March

JM noted that she had been unable to attend.

D Giles noted that the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership meeting is on Thursday 29 March at McDonald Road library.

9.c Edinburgh Trams Information events

  • JM reported attending the first of these, and that there were many concerns over the current plans.
  • B Ryan suggested collaboration with other affected CCs. He will be happy to help with liaisons.

Action: all LHNCC members to go to these, in preparation for the presentation at LHNCC’s April meeting.

9.d Scottish Parliament Leith focus group on human rights (South Leith Parish Church Halls, 26 March, 12:30pm to 2:30 pm)

No-one from LHNCC attended this.

9.e Victoria Primary School – Gala Day, Saturday 26 May

JM reported that VPS has requested £120 to cover cost of first-aiders. (LHNCC used to cover all costs.) They would also like help with stewarding and other help on the day.

Decision: this cost agreed nem con, having been approved by the treasurer.

It was also noted VPS is applying to be in Leith Festival Gala Day. (See also item 9.i below.)

9.f New Victoria Primary School – Initial Design Concepts

  • JM circulated these – they are now on LHNCC’s website.
  • Cllr Munro noted that CEC does not currently have the budget for this, and is seeking ‘wave 4’ funding from the SG, and that the Newhaven Project would like to use the old building as a museum.

9.g OneCity Trust open for grant applications – grants of between £5,000 and £10,000 available

JM noted that the deadline for applying to this trust is 20 April. More details are on LHNCC’s website.

9.h Community Council training event – Tuesday 27 February 2018

JM circulated hard copy of the powerpoint presentations. The PDFs are now on LHNCC’s website:

9.i Leith Festival Gala Day: Saturday 9 June 2018 – application forms available for stall

It was noted that previous Galas have had a joint Leith CCs and Neighbourhood partnership stall, using a gazebo tent which is part owned by LHNCC. (This tent is currently stored at VPS.) This year’s cost is likely to cost around £15.

Action: LHNCC office-bearers to liaise with LLCC over this year’s stall

10 LRT Transport to Western General hospital – update

  • JM reported that she has contacted Trinity, Granton & District, Leith Links and Stockbridge & Inverleith CCs about this. She has received positive responses from Trinity, Leith Links and Granton & District CCs. She will draft a letter to CEC, and attend Trinity CC’s meeting on 9 April.
  • It was suggested that LRT can be resistant to change, so much pressure would be needed.

11 LHNCC Newsletter

The Spring newsletter is nearly ready. All LHNCC members will receive it, and it will be advertised via social media.


12.a Edinburgh Tram Update – current plans and open question and answer session at LHNCC meeting 24 April 2018

See item 9.c above.

12.b Edinburgh Remakery

JM noted that this is on Leith Walk, and commended it. Its website is https://www.edinburghremakery.org.uk.

12.c Visit to SS Explorer

Suggested dates are Sundays 6, 13, 20, 27 May. Action: LHNCC members to email their preferences to JM

12.d Age-friendly café

Following on from Ryan Woolrych’s presentation in May 2017, an age-friendly café will take place on 24 April at the Kirkgate. See LHNCC website for details.

13 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 24 April 2018

[1]This change (from 6) has been approved by the planning committee, but needs approval by full council – likely to happen in June.

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