Bike theft precautions

Police Scotland warn that professional bike thieves are active all over Leith. Click the graphic to see what to do.

Poster - ensure your bike is locked and you have a full description of it

As a precaution against theft, Police Scotland recommend services such as recording a photo and the frame number of your bike, and putting a marker on the bike itself.

If your bike is stolen, Police Scotland would find it helpful to know the following:

  • make
  • model
  • type
  • frame material
  • frame number (and its location on the bike)
  • colours
  • frame size
  • wheel size
  • tyres (make, colour, identifying marks)
  • gears (make, type, number)
  • handlebar style
  • pedals (full description)
  • saddle
  • mudguards
  • chainguards
  • lights
  • fork
  • refelctors
  • suspension and /or shocks
  • bottle cage
  • non-standard additions
  • identifying marks
  • photo

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