LHNCC minutes: November 2018

(LHNCC apologises that these are published later than usual. This was due to LHNCC not meeting in December, and the minutes secretary being away in January.)

Minutes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council ordinary meeting, held at Leith Community Centre on Tuesday 27 November 2018 at 6.30pm

Actions and decisions are red italics. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

1 Introductions and apologies for absence

1.a Present

Stewart Auld LHNCC Arthur Young LHNCC
Colin Brown LHNCC Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary
Elaine Dick LHNCC vicechair Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward
Rob Levick LHNCC chair Cllr Gordon Munro Leith ward
Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC secretary 2 residents
Douglas Tharby LHNCC treasurer

1.b Apologies

James Duff LHNCC Gillian Meek Victoria Primary School parents’ council
Don Giles LHNCC/FOWLB Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North & Leith

2 Minutes of previous meeting

Approved as-is (proposed D tharby, seconded C Brown, nem con)

3 Matters arising

3.a Item 4, point 1: (boy racers)

  • E Dick stated that the number of boy racers on Stevedore Place seems far too low. This may be due to reports of incidents not automatically receiving incident numbers.
    • A resident has produced a report on the issues (namely noise and speeding), suggesting where recording equipment should be placed to collect data on speeding.
    • J Marlborough reported that in a meeting with a relevant CEC official (D Ryan) in June, the official said he would refer this issue to the road safety team who would undertake traffic monitoring in the next 4 to 6 weeks. However, JM has received no feedback about the monitoring.
    • It was suggested that boy-racers congregate from all over Edinburgh onto Ocean Drive, hence disturbing other locations. Because of this, the best solution would be to educate racers, rather than install speed-bumps on Ocean Drive.
    • Action: resident to supply his report to LHNCC secretary, LHNCC secretary to submit this report on LHNCC letterhead.
    • Action: Cllr Booth to supply J Marlborough with direct contacts for road safety team
  • Item 4 (police action against cycling on pavements): held over to January because no police present
  • Item 5b, point 2: (LHNCC’s suggestions for street-names)(Sirius, Dolphin and Cythera) have now been submitted.
  • Item 6a, point 4: Cllr Booth reported that he had received no updates on issues at Hamburgh Place.
  • Item 6a, point 5:C llr Booth reported the graffiti is painted over regularly to allow other artists to use the space.

4 Police report

  • No police present, hence no report
  • J Marlborough reported that she has received a letter about boy-racers from PC Mitchell of Leith community police team.

5 Reports: Secretary and Treasurer

5.a Secretary

J Marlborough reported

  • The Britannia will have 3-minute firework displays at 10pm on Friday 14 and Saturday 15 December at Leith docks.
  • The company running the fireworks is PYRO 1.
  • The Edinburgh Partnership review on governance is now available. Action: B Ryan to put this on LHNCC website.

5.b Treasurer

D Tharby reported

  • Current balance is £1380·79 but will be £1320·79 after various payments have been made.
  • The Christmas lighting will reduce LHNCC’s balance further.
  • LHNCC’s accounts have now been accepted by CEC. In future years, the accounts will need to give more detail.
  • Action: D Tharby to forward auditor’s contact details to Secretary, Secretary to send LHNCC’s formal thanks.

Councillors’, MSPs’ and MP’s reports

6.a Cllr Munro

  • He has sent a photo of the ‘pond’ at the corner of Great Junction St and Leith Walk to CEC’s roads department.
  • He has received complaints about CEC’s online budget consultation process.
    • It allegedly doesn’t allow people to say what they want, and pushes them to conclusions similar to CEC.
    • The start of the Cala development in Leith will drive Ocean Terminal’s dynamic, as would the tram extension.
    • The tram extension will be decided by the full council in March. This is to allow time for due diligence on two bids.
    • This will also push the dynamic of Western Harbour (WH), which is welcome because little happened there since 2008.
    • People with relevant skills (property, legal) are sought by the proposed community buyout of Victoria Primary School.
    • This would become a local community hub, including a GP surgery, nursery, The new school in WH would also use the park, rather than alternating with Trinity Primary School for sports pitches.
  • Leith’s Christmas tree ceremony is on Thursday 6 December, at the Kirkgate Victoria statue, with a reception afterwards.
  • Concerning the arson of the pavilion on Leith Links, this building has now been made secure.
    • Enquiries into its future use are in progress, e.g. use by Projekt42. The building had been abused by a ‘bunch of drinkers’. Cllr Munro is awaiting a briefing on the building’s use and potential over-use, because it is only meant to be used 6 times a year for events, to minimise damage to grass.

5.d Cllr Booth

  • He recommended that Leith projects should apply for funding from £EITHCHOOSES
  • The revision to the Western Harbour framework was approved by CEC’ committee recently.
    • The next step will be development of a full planning application. This is likely to be in phases. It is likely to be primarily residential but is labelled ‘mixed use’ because there will be some commercial use (e.g. corner shops, offices).

o See also June minutes (item 6)for detail of presentation about this project.

  • Leith Neighbourhood Partnership meets on Monday 3 December. MV Fingal is on that agenda.
  • LHNCC should look out for the consultation on Cityplan 2030. It should start in January 2019.
    • Cityplan 2030 is the next iteration of the local development plan. Importantly, it will include relevant CEC policy, including requirements on developers, e.g. contributions to education, infrastructure.

6 Planning update

  • E Dick, J Marlborough and B Ryan were thanked for their work to present LHNCC planning matters in user-friendly ways. This involves maintaining a document with full details of each planning application of interest to LHNCC, and mirroring that on LHNCC’s main planning web-page, with sub-pages for each application. The most pertinent ones will be chosen for discussion at LHNCC meetings, leading to updates of the document and web-pages.
  • J Marlborough reported that her account on CEC’s planning portal is now inaccessible, so she cannot directly upload comments. Other attendees, including Cllr Munro, reported other issues with this portal.
  • A resident calculated that the applications on LHNCC’s document involved 2518 apartments, not including student residences. There was discussion of Scottish Government aims for housing in Edinburgh.

6.a 1-5 Baltic Street: 18/07468/PAN

The full application should be submitted soon. Action: J Marlborough to alert LHNCC when it is available.

6.b Bath Road (Salamander Street) 18/08206/FUL

  • LHNCC’s letter of support has been submitted. Action: B Ryan to add a link to this to website and planning document
  • A meeting with the developers in 2019 is anticipated.

6.c Great Junction Street: 17/05415/FUL

  • Parts of the full application have been withdrawn, because they are now un-necessary, but the full application is still live.
  • The closing date for comment is 14 December. Action: J Marlborough to submit further supporting letter.

6.d Linksview House (Tolbooth Wynd, Coatfield Lane & Giles Street): 18/08051/FUL

LHNCC supports the demolition at the site in principle, but has critical comments on other aspects of this development.

6.e Western Harbour Waterfront: 09/00165/OUT

  • See also item 6a above. The full applications must be submitted in March 2019.
    • There will probably be 3 full applications to cover 3 development zones in WH.
  • Cllr Munro stated that Forth Ports have asked the Scottish Government for a long-term loan, and suggested that such discussions may be the cause of the delay of the full application.
  • S Auld reported overflowing recycling bins at a junction on Newhaven Pl, suggesting that traffic is likely to knock them over.
  • He also stated that since the road has been opened up, there is a row of parked cars down one side.
    • R Levick suggested that the bins’ location is temporary, and should only last while development occurs. He also noted that buses have problems going through this junction, and that this route is used by coaches for cruise passengers.
    • Action: Cllr Munro to look into waste and traffic management here, then inform LHNCC.
  • Cllr Booth noted that a CEC official had said that ‘pedestrian and cycle access in this area will be considered in more detail, as development continues’. According to CEC records, cycle-lanes here should be mandatory but are actually marked as advisory.

7 CCTT (Community Councils Together on Trams)

  • See also response to second trams consultation on LHNCC website.
  • Action: LHNCC members to inform J Marlborough of issues within LHNCC’s area, for discussion at CCTT/TT meeting on 29/11/2018.
    • The issues she intends to raise include (1) the junction at Newhaven (due to its complexity and the number of new houses planned for this area); (2) closure of North Leith Sands; (3) roundabouts at Melrose Drive and Ocean Point becoming signalised junctions; (4) marking of part of the tram-route as single-track in the Tram Act; (5) Constitution St.

8 Local events & feedback

Details available on LHNCC’s Event web-pages.

8.a Victoria Primary School Christmas lighting ceremony

D Tharby noted that this is at 18:30 on Monday 3 December. He is sourcing chocolate for the school-pupils. First aid provision is in place. There will be a new Santa and new lighting and sound systems.

  • Actions: R Levick and S Auld to attend this event, D Tharby to ascertain who will MC the event.

8.b £eith Chooses launch

J Marborough and D Tharby reported

  • LC’s maximum grant this year is £5000, the total to be disbursed is £44,000, there are new themes, and only constituted groups can apply. The deadline for applications is 21 January, just before LHNCC’s next meeting. Application-support sessions have been arranged. Voting is in-person only, on 23 February 2019. Volunteers for the event were requested. For more information, see http://www.leithchooses.net

8.c WW1 Commemoration (10/11/18) & Leith Remembrance Service (11/11/18)

  • J Marlborough reported that the commemoration was well attended and moving. J Duff laid LHNCC’s wreath.
  • JM was unable to attend a later service for merchant seamen.

9 CEC consultations

See also CEC consultation hub and LHNCC’s other work web-page.

J Marlborough noted that this agenda item is a work in progress. Unless stated otherwise, LHNCC members should submit their own individual responses

9.a Planning for Change, Delivering Services 2019-2023, closing date 7/12/18

No further discussion

9.b CEC Proposal for a Transient Visitor Levy/Tourist Tax within the City. closing date10/12/18

Cllr Booth noted that CEC doesn’t currently have the power to levy this, but must provide for many visitors each year, and that income would be ring-fenced for such purposes in some to-be-decided manner. Hence the consultation is about (1) whether CEC (and other local authorities) should have this power; (2) whether and how it should be used.

Action: LHNCC members to submit their own responses; R Levick to draft and circulate LHNCC’s response, then submit the final version.

9.c Common Good Register, closing date 31/12/18

This is about CEC-owned land that it cannot use as-is, or require an act of parliament to sell.

9.d NE Neighbourhood Partnership: CEC’s group exercise to capture thoughts on spending and investment in CEC’s services

JM will attend the event on 28/11/2018. B Ryan has already attended an event, and has blogged about this. The events ask participants to opine which areas should receive budget increases and cuts, given there is insufficient money to fund all areas.

9.e Leith Neighbourhood Partnership Agenda Planning Meeting, 6.00pm, Monday, 03/12/2018, McDonald Road Library

D Tharby noted that he will attend this meeting (to be chaired by Cllr S Rae). It will cover governance, health inequalities etc.


10.a Victoria and Teuchter’s Landing bridges

E Dick noted that these bridges have been closed for some time. It was noted that some parts of the footway had been replaced in the past. A resident stated that Forth Ports (FP) had found the Victoria bridge handrail is loose. Hence FP and Friends of the Water of Leith Basin (FOWLB) are to meet to clarify what is to be done, and the bridges will be reopened as soon as possible.

E Dick has met with the trams team: this might become a ‘supplementary project’, but residents should meet with the NE locality team. A resident suggested that this meeting should include Forth Ports, Historic Environment Scotland and FOWLB.

The resident suggested that work to repair the bridges will be delayed until MV Fingal has been finished. It was suggested that FP might ally with others about boy racers on Ocean Drive, which is adjacent to the Fingal and Victoria bridge.

10.b MV Fingal

  • E Dick noted that an alcohol license has been applied for, but that action by local residents and LHNCC had successfully curtailed the option for a 3am licence during the Edinburgh Festival and Christmas/New Year. The temporary generators are making much noise and the noise team from CEC have visited to take readings after Queens Quay residents submitted a complaint; this has been upheld. There has been no response to questions why the generators are needed 24 hours per day.
  • E Dick also noted that there are questions about where the fireworks (see item 5a above) will be set off.

11 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 22 January 2019

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