LHNCC’s other work

This page lists some non-planning matters that LHNCC is working on:

Other work

Subject LHNCC Involvement Outcome Comments
Heart of Newhaven See events page for updated information
Leith Remembrance Service (11 November every year) LHNCC lays a Poppy Scotland wreath each year in memory of lost Leithers Services are often very moving
SS Explorer request for support in application for funding from HSLF Letter of support submitted 30/8/18 Application successful
Granton Waterfront Development Plan Secretary represents LHNCC at meetings second consultation for CEC’s work finished 8 February. There are two separate developments:

  1. CEC’s Granton Waterfront Development Plan
  2. Granton Harbour Development (including Granton Marina)
Community Councils Together on Trams (CCTT)

Manifesto on trams

Monthly meetings with tram team

LHNCC is keen to see that the tram extension to Newhaven is done properly and at the highest possible quality. LHNCC representatives are members of CCTT Steering Group. See also latest update from CEC CEC is due to consider full business case in March 2019 CCTT response to consultation 2 submitted and circulated
LRT Transport to WGH from Leith

Re-routing 21 Bus to include WGH. Supported by TCC, LLCC & G&DCC

Letter to LRT and copied to other CCs on the Bus 21 route 11/4/18 Response received 17/5/18 and circulated (also available on our website) LHNCC secretary’s meeting with Ian Bieniowski (LRT) on Wed 18 July 2018 was attended by reps. from other 3 CCs & MSP.

Being investigated by EBUG (Edinburgh Bus Users Group)

LHNCC’s work to be reinitiated spring 2019

Boy racers’ Ocean Drive on-going issues and complaints

Request speed bumps and/or speed cameras

Letter to be sent to Darren Ryan, Local Transport and Environment Manager, The City of Edinburgh Council LHNCC secretary spoke to Darren Ryan who said this was issue for CEC Health and Safety Team.

Response 6/9/18 – Plan to carry out traffic check Oct/Nov. No information on outcome to date

LHNCC to chase up outcome of traffic-check
EBUG (Edinburgh bus users group) LHNCC Secretary is a member of this group. Discussions cover all Lothian areas covering wide range of subjects. EBUG has a strong interest in what will happen during tram-works, in particular the relationship between cycle-lanes and bus-stops.