LHNCC’s other work

This page lists some non-planning matters that LHNCC is working on:

updates on 2018_06_14 are in red italic

Subject Proposal LHNCC Involvement Outcome Comments
Community Councils Together on Trams (CCTT) manifesto on trams LHNCC is keen to see that the tram extension to Newhaven is done properly and at the highest possible quality watch this space!  
ELDP Education Infrastructure Appraisal

Available on CEC website

CEC Education, Children & Families Committee Meeting, Tuesday 22 May 2018 – see outcome for further information

Trinity Academy. Argument for upgrading. Interest in supporting neighbouring CCs regarding Trinity High School.

Email sent in support of TCC’s proposal 15/5/18

Available on CEC website (Committees)

Education, Children and Families Committee

10.00am, Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Implementing the Programme for the Capital: Coalition Commitments

Appendix 11.1 Coalition Commitments Measures.

See also LHNCC website

LRT Transport to WGH from Leith Re-routing 21 Bus to include WGH. Supported by TCC, LLCC & G&DCC Letter to LRT and copied to other CCs on the Bus 21 route 11/4/18 Response received 17/5/18 and circulated (also available on our website) LHNCC secretary has spoken to Network Performance Manager and he has suggested a meeting with representatives from relevant CCs for further discussion. Details to be confirmed as soon as possible
Police Scotland (PS) – CEC pays £2.6 million for additional policing to PS Letter sent to Donald Wilson, Convener, Culture & Communities Committee 5/4/18 Response received (8/6/18) and circulated (also available on our website)
Boy racers’ Ocean Drive on-going issues and complaints Request Speed Bumps and/or Speed Cameras Letter to be sent to Darren Ryan, Local Transport and Environment Manager, The City of Edinburgh Council LHNCC secretary to circulate letter and response as appropriate I will be meeting Darren Ryan at Place Workshops and will ask him about our request.
Edinburgh bus users group Gavin Booth of Bus Users Scotland has invited LHNCC to meet him and a colleague (just two or three of us); a get to know you and share mutual interests session on Wednesday 27 June at 14:30, 8b McDonald Road Chris Day organiser.

LHNCC secretary to advise on progress.