LHNCC February 2018 minutes

Minutes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council meeting, held at Leith Community Centre on Tuesday 27 February 2018 at 7.00pm

Actions and decisions are red italic underlined. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

1 Introductions/attendance

Stewart Auld LHNCC Adrian Graham Leith Links CC
Colin Brown LHNCC Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward
Elaine Dick LHNCC Cllr Adam McVey Leith ward
James Duff LHNCC Rory Garriock CEC
Don Giles LHNCC/friends of Water of Leith Basin PC Joe Kennedy Police Scotland
Rob Levick LHNCC chair PC Calum Clark Police Scotland
Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC secretary Noel Spencer Bare_Branding
Douglas Tharby LHNCC treasurer Agne Smilgaite Bare_Branding
Arthur Young LHNCC Jeremy Murray Bare_Branding
Robert Weir LHNCC 4 residents and visitors
Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary

2 Apologies for absence

Cllr Gordon Munro Leith ward Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North & Leith
Ben Macpherson MSP Edinburgh Northern & Leith

3 Minutes of previous meeting

Approved without changes (proposed J Duff, seconded C Brown, nem con)

4 Matters arising

See treasurer’s report below.

5 Police report

PCs Clark and Kennedy reported

  • Operation Contrition has been running since 15 January to act on a spate of violence related to the drugs trade in north Edinburgh.
    • It involves additional patrols and checks on licensed premises, bail-curfews, and encouraging people to inform Police Scotland (PS) via 101 and 999.
    • It centers on the Cables Wynd and Gt Junction St areas.
    • So far, £73,00-worth of drugs and £33,000 have been recovered.
    • 55 individuals have been arrested, and a stun-gun and 2 CS spray-cannisters have been seized.
    • PS is very grateful to the local community for providing information leading to these results.
    • This operation is ongoing – its end date is under review.
  • The local community alcohol partnership (involving PS, local retailers, CEC, youth groups etc) aims to reduce youth disorder, and to prevent sales of alcohol to under-18s, will have a week of action starting Monday 2 April.
    • This will include a stall at the Dalmeny community fun day (Saturday 31 March, 10:30 to 2:30). This day will also feature the fire brigade, Leithers Don’t Litter, Destiny Angels, ChangeWorks, Zero Waste Leith, along with food and fun events.
  • Concerning the bike disorder on 13 January in Drylaw, the city centre and Craigmillar, which included two injuries and major damage, 16 people have been arrested and reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
  • PS has been working closely with HMRC and taxi-standards inspectors: a high standard of documentation was found.
  • In the current snowy weather, people should watch out for vulnerable others, and adjust their driving.

5.a Questions

  • D Tharby asked about an incident on Friday 16 February, around 9:30: his common stair door was kicked in a gang of drunken teenagers. (This same gang apparently also earlier vandalized another nearby door.) This was reported by two neighbours, who each received incident/crime numbers, but there has been no apparent investigation by PS, so what are PS doing to tackle such risk to citizens?
    • The PCs took will follow this up, and responded that PS is targeting antisocial behavior hotspots. Each reported crime is allocated to a PS officer for enquiry.

6 Tram pre-consultation update: CEC Community Engagement Manager

Mr Garriock reported

  • Background
    • Edinburgh Trams began running in May 2014, and won light-rail operator of the year award in 2017.
    • The current route is 14km long, and has 16 stops.
    • It has achieved pre-tax profitability, and has exceeded ridership targets, according to Wikipedia.
    • Customer satisfaction is around 99%, and reliability is around 97%.
  • Extension plans
    • The proposed extension would run from York Place, via Leith Walk, to Newhaven.
    • The stop at York Place will be decommissioned, and replaced with a stop on Picardy Place.
    • The extension is aimed at supporting the southeast Scotland strategic development plan, and the local development plan.
    • It takes into account expected 20 to 25% growth in Edinburgh’s population, particularly in Leith. These are cannot be covered by the bus network alone, and are estimated to lead to doubling tram ridership, and an economic benefit ratio of 1·64, despite only adding 4·7km to the route.
    • Action: R Garriock to advise economic benefit ratio of existing tram route.
    • The governance structure for the extension will be very strong, including strong oversight of consultant activities by CEC officers.
  • Consultations and timeline
    • Late in 2017, CEC began tender operations for construction partners. An announcement is due in March.
    • Currently, there is pre-consultation. This has engaged with several hundred businesses and people.
    • A first public consultation will run from 19 March to 29 April. Consultations will follow the standard principles of community engagement.
    • Communications will happen inter alia via CEC social media presences. Questions can be emailed to tram@edinburgh.gov.uk. Public consultation events are planned for
      • Leith Theatre (provisionally Thursday 22 March, 10am to 6pm)
      • McDonald Road library (provisionally 3 April, 10am to 4pm)
      • The Kirkgate (provisionally Thursday 12 3pm to 9pm)
      • Ocean Terminal (provisionally Saturday 21 April 12 noon to 5pm)
    • Other engagement with Living Streets, the active travel forum (Sustrans, Spokes etc) and stakeholder forums (St James, Ocean Terminal etc) and local businesses are also planned.
    • It will then take around 3 weeks to analyse data
    • A second consultation will be around the TRO and TTRO that will have been applied for by then.
    • A final decision is anticipated by the end of 2018.
    • Construction would be from March 2019 to the start of 2022, with the extension opening that year.
  • Other points
    • The design philosophy is to replicate the look and feel of the existing route.
    • There would be redevelopment from Ocean Terminal to Newhaven (potentially including ‘grasscrete’) and in Elm Row, which would be made more ‘public-friendly’.
    • Trees have been removed on Picardy Place as part of the new works there, not these tram-works.
    • Construction would use a ‘swept-path’ method, i.e. preparation of utilities would precede infrastructure construction along the route. Each part of the route would be ‘possessed’ by the constructors as long as necessary, but this should deliver the completed project ASAP with minimal disruption.
    • Despite previous work, there remains much work to move utilities along Leith Walk.
    • This proposed method will be covered in consultations.
    • The outline business case includes a cost of £162·5m (including contingency budget), to be funded via loans against future revenue. Hence it would not use money from CEC and its citizens.
  • Questions
    • Action: R Garriock to advise when energy input to the works and rolling stock be regained.
    • A resident asked whether, instead of these works, buses can be adopted to be energy efficient. The resident also noted that if a bus breaks down, it doesn’t necessarily block the route – unlike trams.
    • A resident also asked about gradient issues. Mr Garriock responded that the York Place to St Andrews Square was probably as steep as the gradient on the extension, and this works. However, technical staff would be able to answer such questions during consultation engagements.
    • In response to a question about defects already appearing on the existing route, Mr Garriock promised that the extension would do better than that, in part by constructing the track bed differently.

7 Reports

7.a Secretary

All covered in other items

7.b Treasurer

  • D Tharby noted that cost issues from the 2017 Christmas Tree lighting have been resolved.
  • LHNCC’s current balance is £911·22. However, he is awaiting invoices for minute-writing and lhncc.org.uk.

8 Councillors’, MSP’s, MP’s reports

8.a Cllr Booth

  • He strongly recommended taking part in Leith Chooses.
  • The Aldi on Commercial St has now applied for an alcohol license. Comments can be submitted 22 March to 12 April

8.b Cllr McVey

  • CEC’s budget debate took place last week:
    • CEC is £27·1m better off than first thought, and so can make other investments in priorities (e.g. £1m in Leith Theatre over 2 years, more school refurbishment, e.g. Victoria PS).
  • Action: Cllr McVey to chase up issues around traffic lights in Newhaven Place/Lindsay Road.
  • Concerning bollards on Sandpiper Road, Cllr Booth will revisit his efforts to follow up this matter. So far, he has been hampered by ward boundary changes.
    • R Levick noted that there is likely to be increased traffic due to cruise ships, and that re-siting of traffic lights to accommodate buses should be considered.

9 Planning update

  • There have been no changes since January’s meeting
  • E Dick has met with Andrew Thompson of the Britannia. The current plan is to keep the MV Fingal as far from Tower Place as possible, following complaints from residents. The port entrance is due to be upgraded.
  • Planning information is now available via https://lhncc.org.uk/planning. Action: LHNCC members to access this weekly

10 Events

10.a Leith Chooses

  • D Giles reminded everyone what participatory budgeting and Leith Chooses are about, and how voting will work.
  • He requested as many volunteers from LHNCC as possible to help at the event on 3 March to talk to applicants.
  • Each voter has 4 votes per funding level. (There are three of these.)
  • Online voting is also available until 5pm on 10 March. This requires an access code, available on Saturday or via libraries. Voting is open to Leith workers, residents etc aged 8 or over.

10.b Edinburgh LDP Community Briefing Spring 2018 sessions

People can apply to attend this briefing, which will be at NE Locality Office, 101 Niddrie Mains Road, EH16 4DS, on Wednesday 21 March 2018 (5pm – 6:30pm).

11 LHNCC Newsletter

E Dick reported that a quarterly newsletter is planned to be distributed electronically, with sign-up via LHNCC’s website and links to content on the website. This was agreed nem con


  • A resident asked about the new Western Harbour school. Cllr McVey stated that it was never due to be operational yet.
  • C Brown noted that there is no direct bus from Leith to the Western General Hospital – instead people need to alight at Crewe toll, then walk to the hospital. He requested that LHNCC campaigns for the 21 route to be extended into the hospital, as happens with other routes, and that this campaign should include neighbouring CCs. Agreed nem con
  • A resident had emailed about contacting the PoL motorboat club. A resident offered to help this contact.

12.a Bollards in Melrose Drive

A resident had reported via email that a bollard has been removed, so this is now a rat run, and that PS and CEC appear to believe each other has responsibility. It was noted that the bollard has now been replaced.

12.b Bare Branding

Noel Spencer reported

  • He is setting up a non-profit community art/print hub in Leith: http://www.bare-branding.co.uk. This will be an open access hub based on sharing, similar to Leith Tool Library. He seeks premises (minimum of 70 m2) and investment.
  • Equipment includes a large format printer, a plotter, a laminator.
  • Currently Bare-Branding supports a paralysed person who paints by sending instructions from her eyes to a computer.

12.c Book group for older people

A resident noted that an RVS Community and Engagement Development Worker is helping volunteers within the Leith area to set up new book groups for older people, and that 3 volunteers are sought.

12.d Visit to SS Explorer

Date to be confirmed

13 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 27 March 2018

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