LHNCC agenda and Eventbrite link: February 2022

Please register via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leith-harbour-newhaven-community-council-january-2022-meeting-tickets-238282157347


  1. Introductions, apologies
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Minutes of January 2022 meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Police Report tbc
  6. Councillor/MSP/MP reports
  7. Chair, Secretary and Treasurer reports
  8. Standing reports
    1. Planning
      1. Crosslane: Residential Serviced Living. Ocean Point 2 – Public Consultation
      2. Seafield Project update
    2. Licensing
    3.  Transport
      1. Community Councils Together on Trams (CCTT)
      2. Edinburgh Bus User’s Group
    4. Environment
      1. Water of Leith Conservation Trust: Coalie Park – update
      2. FOWLB
      3. Sewage Related Debris and the Water of Leith – response from Scottish Water update.
    5. Heritage
      1. Leith Culture & Heritage Group
    6.  Community
      1. North East Community Planning Partnership (DT)
      2. Leith Chooses – Results Tuesday 15/2/22 (online via Teams) will also be posted online. Link http://www.leithchooses.net
      3. Leith Community Centre re-opening
      4. Heart of Newhaven
    7. Resident issues
      1. Portland Gardens/Melrose Drive derelict building
    8. EACC
      1. Extraordinary General Meeting 17/2/22(DT) – Approval of revised Constitution
    9. ACOB
    10. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 22 March 2022

Links for further information and related areas of interest on Agenda item (9) Standing Reports

Planning Information and Consultations



Heritage and planning

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