LHNCC March 2020 minutes

Notes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council office-bearer meeting, held via Zoom on Tuesday 24 March 2020 at 7pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

1           Introductions and apologies for absence

1.a         Present

Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC Douglas Tharby LHNCC Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary

1.b         Apologies

Elaine Dick LHNCC

2           Declaration of interests


3           Minutes of February 2020 meeting

These were approved subject to correcting the date in the title (proposed D Tharby, seconded J Marlborough)

4           Matters arising

  • Item 5 (advertising ‘blue light disco): no advertising material supplied by police
  • Item 7c (payments): these are now up-to date
  • Item 8ai (Baltic/Constitution St development): objection submitted. Action: JM to supply this to BR to publish on website

5           Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Chair reports

5.a         Chair

See also full report (appendix 1)

  • Northeast locality community planning partnership work continues, focussing on identified needs
  • Police Scotland contact awareness model is in development
  • A valuable feedback evening for LeithChooses was held
  • LeithChooses Steering Group has seen how some LC funding is being put into use.o
  • Leith Neighbourhood Network meeting allocated funds from the ‘housing revenue account’.
  • Checkpoint meetings continued, although other issues have now overtaken matters.

5.b         Treasurer

  • Current balance is £733·09 as per most recent statement and recent Invoices paid.
  • The use of the debit card is very limited. Payments by cheque remain the preferred method.
  • The financial year-end is soon. Action: J Marlborough to submit outstanding claim for printer-ink reimbursement

5.c         Secretary

  • All March and April events in CEC parks are cancelled due to coronavirus. Later events may be cancelled if necessary.

6           Standing reports

6.a         Planning

6.a.i       1–5 Baltic Street and 7–27 Constitution Street – Grounds for Comment submitted 5/3/20

Action: JM to supply copy for publishing on LHNCC website

6.b         Steads Place

Drum has just submitted a new PAN application. The new plans would retain the sandstone frontage and shops. There would be residential areas behind these, and some non-residential community facilities (detail not yet provided).

  • Allconsultation events have been cancelled; further information has been provided on the PAN application

6.c         Licensing

DT and A Young met recently, and are trying to arrange a meeting with CEC’s licensing convenor

6.d         Transport

6.d.i      Trams/CCTT (Community Councils Together on Trams)

  • It is hoped that CCTT/TT meeting (26 March) will go ahead online. Meanwhile TT is considering options for continuing work.
  • Some work activity was observed today.

6.d.ii     EBUG (Edinburgh Bus Users’ Group) – tbc meeting 10 March) with Andrew Renwick, CEC senior Transport Team Leader re Bus Stops. Tbc Meeting with Lothian Buses 30 April

See statement from EBUG (appendix 2)

6.e         Environment

6.e.i       Water of Leith Management Plan 2020-2030 Consultation – Closing date 26 March 2020

The draft action plan is on LHNCC’s website.

6.f          Heritage

6.f.i       New Update on Steel Shed

There have been conversations between Port of Leith Distillery, Forth Ports and Duncan Bremner to negotiate a storage site within Leith Docks. Meanwhile the parts are still stored outside Ocean Terminal.

6.g         Community

6.g.i       Coronavirus – plans to help and work with neighbouring CCs

JM has contacted

  • Reverend Ian May (South Leith Parish Church) – no help needed yet.
  • W Barr (The Citadel) – no help needed yet
  • Duncan Bremner – no help needed yet.

It was suggested that LHNCC can collate actions by local groups on its website, as NTBCC is doing.

6.g.ii      Leith Community Development Trust

The meeting at the Kirkgate on 19 March was cancelled

6.g.iii     Leith Festival/Victoria Primary School Gala Day – Saturday 30 May 2020

Cancellation of this event has not yet been confirmed.

6.g.iv     VE Day – 8 May 2020 tbc

Cancellation of this event has not yet been confirmed.

7           Choices for City Plan 2030 and City Mobilty Plan consultations – closing date 31 March 2020

  • Consultation events have been cancelled.

7.a.i       Ocean Terminal – Saturday 29 February feedback

DT reported

7.a.ii      City Plan drop-in event scheduled to take place on Thursday 19 March 2020 at the St Bride’s Community Centre

This event has been cancelled.

8           Neighbourhood Networks

See chair’s report.

9           AOCB

There was discussion of continuing democracy in the current conditions.

10        Date of next meeting: Tuesday 28 April

This will be members-only, via Zoom. Action: B Ryan to facilitate this.

Appendix 1: Chair’s report

North East Locality Community Planning Partnership, The Whitehouse 27 February

This was the third meeting of this Partnership, we will meet at various locations around the North East Locality and I am delighted to report that the business of the Partnership is working well and Partners are now working together, a significant aim for us, where their expertise and experience when combined can address the issues that have been identified as being a priority within the Locality in general and more specifically within our own Leith Neighbourhood.

I was pleased to Chair this meeting and a number of Actions were agreed with the Partners and I will be able to report on these at future meetings.

All Actions are being tracked and followed up for progress at each meeting.

Police Scotland CAM Project, RAF Club, Edinburgh 29 February

This meeting, to which all Chairs of Edinburgh Community Councils were invited, introduced the new Contact Assessment Model. This will be a new way of assessing its 101 and 999 service to improve the way they respond to contact from the public. It focuses on signposting callers to the correct response to their enquiry. Around 20 CC’s were represented, the venue being in one of the most historically and architecturally significant houses in Edinburgh, originally built by the Sanderson family (VAT 69) hence with a well known Leith connection.

Leith Chooses feedback, Kirkgate, 10 March

This annual event saw members of the Steering Group meet with applicants to review the whole experience and listen to their comments. There were a number of topics discussed and this valuable session will form the basis of the plans for the next year.

Leith Neighbourhood Network, 11 March, Nelson Hall, McDonald Road

This was well attended by regular members and it was also good to see some new faces. Business followed on from the LCPP meeting and an update on the North East Locality LIP was given.  A Powerpoint will be circulated when available.

There was some discussion on ideas for Neighbourhood Environment Projects following on from the meeting on 5th February in the Kirkgate.  Further illustrations of suggested projects were put to members who were invited to place their own vote and this will be followed up at a later date with up to date costings and progress made.

Several project works on Council owned properties were signed off from the Housing Revenue Account and one was referred for further development.

There was some consideration as to what members wanted the LNN’s identity to look like and how communication links could be set up with and across the Network.

Leith Chooses Steering Group, visit Drummond Community High School 12 March

We are taking an active interest in how Leith Chooses money is actually used. We were invited to this event by Broughton Primary School Parent Council. They have working with various local partners growing and cooking food together over the last year. It was great to see what has been done and to hear from the pupils themselves what can be done in the future. (On a personal note, I was able to find a new home for the Composter now redundant from our own allotment at the Dean Gallery. It is so satisfying to recycle things in such a positive way.)


I have previously commented upon my membership of this citywide group. Two further meetings were held on 4th and 9th March to conclude the original series of training sessions. The Group collectively agreed that other issues had now arisen over this series and there will be further meetings arranged to address this need. It is still hoped that this will be set up and tasked by the Partnership Board, possibly in June.

11        Appendix 2: Statement of support and gratitude on behalf of EBUG to bus drivers to Lothian Buses, Conor Matchett (Evening News reporter) and other bus companies

There are many essential workers whose brave and selfless commitment to public service should be appreciated in these difficult times.

Edinburgh Bus Users’ Group (EBUG) recognises that among them are those who are continuing to provide the bus service that is so essential at present. This most obviously includes the drivers; but we must not forget the cleaners, the mechanics, and all the other backroom staff who work behind the scenes at all the bus companies which are still on the road.

When this is all over, let’s remember their efforts, and above all be kind to them. They are doing a great job, and EBUG is grateful for their service during this difficult time.

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