LHNCC minutes: September 2018

Minutes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council ordinary meeting, held at Leith Community Centre on Tuesday 25 September 2018 at 6.30pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

In the chair’s absence, the meeting was chaired by E Dick.

1 Introductions and apologies

1.a Present

Stewart Auld LHNCC Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary
Colin Brown LHNCC Adrian Graham Leith Links CC
Elaine Dick LHNCC Cllr Jim Campbell Forth ward
Don Giles LHNCC PC Margo Darling Police Scotland
Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC secretary Gillian Meek Victoria Primary School parents’ council
Douglas Tharby LHNCC treasurer 4 residents/visitors
Arthur Young LHNCC

1.b Apologies

James Duff LHNCC Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North & Leith
Rob Levick LHNCC chair Cllr Gordon Munro Leith ward

2 Minutes of previous meetings

  • June minutes had not been approved at August meeting due to a circulation error. (LHNCC did not meet in July) However, the draft was later circulated and approved via email. (Approval of June minutes was also proposed at this meeting by
    D Tharby, and agreed nem con.)
  • August minutes were approved without changes to draft (proposed E Dick, seconded D Giles, agreed nem con).

3 Matters arising

  • Item 11a (21 bus): C Brown stated that LHNCC should not lose sight of the request for the 21 bus to be rerouted via the Western General hospital.
  • Item 12g (Stead’s Place): D Giles noted that there had been a very informative meeting about this proposed development, hence enabling LHNCC to submit a strong objection.

4 Police Report

PC Darling reported the following Police Scotland (PS) actions:

  • Operation Agora is continuing, working against bike theft/towards bike marking.
    • Marking events have been held at David Lloyd and Ocean Terminal (8 & 17 September). These were successful and so may well be repeated just after Christmas holidays (when many people get new bikes.)
    • It was suggested that bikes are marked when they are sold, with markings supplied to PS. It was noted that shops may charge for marking, while PS do not, and that many people do not know their bikes’ frame numbers etc.
    • Action: B Ryan to repeat website post about bike details that help return bikes to their rightful owners.
    • Action: this matter to be in next LHNCC newsletter.
  • Following complaints on Coburg St, the police have been checking for speeders using radar guns.
    • Between 8:30 and 9:30 on 27 July, PS stopped 20 motorists. 3 received official warnings as did some people cycling on pavements. (The same hours on 7 September netted only 1 motorist.)
    • The road safety team will be monitoring traffic in the next 4-6 weeks.
  • Speed-bumps cannot be placed on certain roads by CEC because CEC may not own these roads. The officer who made enquiries regarding this is currently off sick and so PC Darling could not confirm this information.
    • It was noted that roadworks in the Ocean Terminal/Ocean Drive area have coincided with less ‘boy racer’ activity.
    • It was requested that PS supplies statistics on such crimes, along with crime IDs.
    • Action: PC Darling to follow this up.
    • Action: this issue to be on LHNCC’s next agenda.
    • It was suggested that local residents are taught to use radar guns.
    • It was noted that antisocial behaviour orders (which last for a year) stay with the car and the owner. Hence if a person commits a second traffic-related ASBO-worthy offence in that year, his or her current car will be confiscated, even if it is not the car in which the first offence was committed. A car that that is involved in a second ASBO-worthy offence will lead to an automatic penalty for the owner, even if he/she did not commit that car’s first ASBO-worthy offence
  • It was noted that while cycling on pavements is not per se illegal, perpetrators can be charged with ‘careless cycling’, and that PS are likely to penalise impenitent pavement-cyclists.
  • Focused patrols in Portland Gardens have concentrated on drugs and stolen bikes.
  • Plainclothes police have been acting against heroin offences in Admiralty Street.
  • The Leith week of action, involving extra PCs in Leith, has been successful, resulting in 2 charges for cannabis possession and recovery of a car under an ASBO based on drug-dealing.

5 Reports

5.a Treasurer’s report

  • Current bank balance is £1,439·61
  • Two other accounts containing a few pence have been closed.
  • Treasurer is in the process of submitting accounts to CEC. LHNCC’s previous auditor has agreed to audit this year’s accounts.

5.b Secretary’s report

  • LHNCC’s membership is currently just enough for it to continue.
  • Action: LHNCC to advertise for new members via website, Facebook, Twitter
  • It was noted that D Tharby is LHNCC’s representative on NE Edinburgh locality.
  • The Leith Neighbourhood Partnership meeting is on Thursday 27 September, 6:30 pm
  • There was discussion over the roles of neighbourhood partnerships and localities – see Section 6a below.

6 Councillors/MSP/MP Report/s

6.a Cllr Campbell

6.a.i Neighbourhood Partnerships and localities; Edinburgh partnership

  • Forth ward is part of North West locality; LHNCC is in North East locality.
  • The point of localities is to devolve power to more ‘local’ units, thus creating efficiencies. Only locality committees (which consist of relevant CEC councillors) can make decisions on spending public money. Neighbourhood partnerships can advise on local matters.
  • However, when locality committees were created in May 2017, they did not receive clear mandates. It also turns out that localities have individual ways of working, e.g. NE locality has themed meetings, instead of the same items each time.
  • A report on the success {or otherwise] of localities is due in December 2018.
    • CEC is doing relevant work, e.g. on standards for localities.
  • Cllr Campbell suggested that CEC should communicate better on local governance. He also suggested that two layers of CEC structure (plus CCs) is too much: one CEC layer should be removed.
  • The Edinburgh Partnership (EP) was created by the Community Empowerment Act 2015. A consultation on the EP has recently finished. The EP is not coterminous with CEC.

6.a.ii North West Edinburgh waterfront planning update

All [relevant] CCs are invited to a meeting at NW Locality Office on 12 October. This cannot cover current planning applications, but will cover the broader context of the waterfront.

6.a.iii Other matters

  • There was discussion of vehicle weight limits on Lower Granton Road. Legal work may be needed to introduce such limits.
  • Cllr Campbell has asked CEC for advice on how to undertake traffic monitoring, because data held by CEC is out of date.

7 Planning Update

See also https://lhncc.org.uk/planning.

J Marlborough reported:

7.a 18/04332/FUL Leith Street (Stead’s Place)

7.b 17/03194/FUL: MV Fingal (boutique hotel)

  • Letter of objection has been submitted.
  • JM attended hearing along with other relevant residents. 65 objections were noted. It was stated that CC objections may carry more weight than other objections.
  • The Licensing Board has decided on a site visit before its next meeting (29 October). It will help cllrs understand noise problems caused by the boat’s adjacency to homes, parking issues and similar.
  • The MV Fingal may be in place before the Licensing Board meeting. An opening party is planned for 17 or 19 October.
  • E Dick noted that the CEC licensing portal did not display relevant documents, and that CEC stated it would not email her a copy of the application due to GDPR. Only people within 4 m of the proposed location were notified of the application.
    • Other issues to do with Licensing being far from open and transparent were noted.
  • Cllr Campbell noted that some licensing issues result from legislative history, and that CEC is now reviewing processes and legislation, so it can streamline licensing documentation onto a single database for both CEC officers and the public.

7.c 18/07468/PAN: 5 Baltic Street.

  • There is a public consultation event on Wednesday 31 October, 3:00pm–7:00pm, at the Malmaison Hotel.
  • A meeting of the developer (Sundial Properties), LHNCC and LLCC has been arranged on 4 October (5:30pm) at Newkirkgate.
  • The PAN application has been submitted. This is a new application covering the listed building beside the application for Salamander St. It is proposed to include houses and commercial units, and to upgrade the entire building to maintain its listed standard.

7.d 18/00846/FUL: Skyliner, Ocean Drive update

  • A revised application for development of 4 tower blocks has been submitted. Part of the site belongs to Forth Ports, and with the advent of trams, the development has to change to allow pavements.
  • Piling has started, because the planning application for repairing the dockside and key wall has been approved.
  • There were problems with neighbour notification.

7.e Overview of planning developments in Leith

  • JM has collated information on the 15 developments proposed or currently being built in LHNCC’s area and other developments that may well affect the area (e.g. St James/Picardy Place, London Road/Meadowbank). It is likely that over the next 5 years, the planned developments will lead to unwelcome increases in noise and air pollution. The developments are likely to be built at the same time as the trams.
  • It was noted that spoil is being removed from the Cala site: lorries are leaving the site every 5 minutes.
  • Cllr Campbell stated that Edinburgh’s population is due to grow by 60,000 by 2020, and that some of this growth will take place in LHNCC’s area. Due to pressure for housing, developments have to be denser/higher or take up more land.
  • It was noted that objections can only cover individual developments, unless proposals are contrary to the local development plan. A consultation on the LDP (aka City Plan 2030) is due to start soon, so concerns about zoning, amenity, green space etc should be raised in this consultation.
    • LHNCC members noted that up to 3000 extra houses are due to be created in Leith, that current stock needs to be upgraded, and that concomitant infrastructure improvements are currently not being considered.

8 Community Councils Together on Trams

J Marlborough noted

  • There is a CCTT steering group (representatives of 4 CCs on the route) that meets before its meetings with CEC’s trams team.
  • Steering group members will feed back to their respective CCs.
    • Action: B Ryan to publish approved CCTT/TT meeting minutes on CC websites that he manages.
    • There was concern that simply publishing such minutes would not be informative enough for the public.
  • The steering group will get to see updated designs resulting from the first consultation at its next meeting with trams team.
  • There will also be an open meeting with the trams team at Out of the blue on 2 October.
  • The steering group would also like input from other interested groups, e.g. Constitution St residents, Stevedore Place residents. CCs may have more ‘clout’ to promote such input to the trams consultation process.
    • E Dick noted that Stevedore Place residents have been able to insist on better egress.
  • The Tram Act specifies that Victoria bridge should have a single track tram-way but the current plans have a double track.
  • There are issues about cycle access to Rennies Isle and cycle routes from Leith Walk to Ocean Terminal.
  • Spokes are involved in work on the Leith cycle network.
  • There are issues around ‘supplementary’ features of the tram plans (e.g. integrated ticketing). These would be funded by CEC separately to the trams installation budget work, but will not be decided until after the main tram ‘yes/no’ decision.
    • CCTT has requested a list of ‘supplementary’ features – not yet supplied by TT.

9 Events & feedback

See also https://lhncc.org.uk/events.

9.a Granton Marina Development

  • J Marlborough noted that she attended a recent meeting, and that on 12 October, there will be a planning workshop fro community councillors about the north west waterfront at NW locality offices (8 Pilton Road West).
  • There will also be a meeting of the NW waterfront working-group on 8 November.
  • Action: JM to circulate list of meetings relevant to LHNCC, including who can attend each.

9.b Citadel Arts Group Launch of ‘Remembering The Fifties’

It was noted that this launch will take place on Thursday
27 September at 1.30 in Gordon Court.

9.c Open Meeting Thur. 4th Oct. 2018 Victoria Primary School 7pm – 9pm

  • This meeting will be about the proposed community buy-out of the original VPS building.
  • Action: E Dick and colleagues to put this in next LHNCC newsletter.

9.d Leith Community Association AGM

It was noted that this AGM took place on 20th September at 18:30pm and the New Kirkgate. M Traill was elected chair of LCA.

9.e City Plan 2030 – NE of Edinburgh Community Workshop – Saturday 22 September

  • See also section 7e above.
  • J Marlborough noted that relevant maps at a meeting on Saturday appeared to show a lot of green space, but a significant proportion of this was cemeteries. Also, the maps did not have legible street-names.

10 Other work

See also https://lhncc.org.uk/lhnccs-other-work.

10.a ‘Boy racers’ on Ocean Drive

  • JM has contacted Darren Ryan, NE Local Transport & Environment Manager to request speed-bumps. DR has responded that CEC’s Road Safety team will be undertaking traffic monitoring in the next 4-8 weeks. It was suggested that the police do not understand the scale or seriousness of such problems. A resident offered to collate information on incidents of speeding. This could include data from video-recordings of speeding taken by another resident, even though this is not ‘evidence’.
  • Actions: resident to do this, LHNCC to forward it to D Ryan

10.b Airbnb Update

Action: LHNCC members to follow link supplied by Cllr Booth

10.c SS Explorer

A support letter for the SS Explorer society’s application for Heritage Lottery Resilience Fund funding has been sent.

10.d GP surgeries

There are proposals to reduce the coverage areas of the Eyre Place and Long House surgeries. See LHNCC website for details.


11.a 2018 WW1 commemoration

  • This will be organised by the Royal Scots Regiment at the Malmaison on 10 November.
  • It was agreed that LHNCC will lay a wreath, and do similar at this year’s Quintinshill commemoration.

11.b LHNCC newsletter

This will have pieces on WW1 commemoration, Friends of Water of Leith Basin, Victoria Primary School, speeding etc.

11.c Rave at Ocean Terminal

  • It was noted that almost no noise or litter nuisance was caused by this non-spontaneous rave.
  • It was suggested that noisy events recently occurring at West Princes St Gardens should be transferred to the OT venue

11.d Friends of Water of Leith Basin

  • There was discussion of how flood risk at the basin is increased and alleviated, and is affected by high tides.
  • FOWLB’s AGM is on Saturday 24 October (7pm) at the Malmaison.

11.e Open day: Customs House

It was noted that this is on 29 September, and that Victoria Primary School will have tours.

11.f Tolbooth Wynd cycling contraflow

It was noted that cyclists here are being receiving verbal abuse from drivers who are ignorant of this cycle-only contraflow. It was suggested that this might be alleviated with better signage, road-markings, parking control.

Action: Spokes member to suggest relevant actions; LHNCC to recommend these to CEC and other relevant bodies.

11.g Thanks to stand-in chair

E Dick was thanked for taking on chairing this meeting at very short notice.

12 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 23 October 2018

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