LHNCC minutes: April 2018

Minutes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council meeting, held at Leith Community Centre on Tuesday 24 April 2018 at 7.00pm

Actions and decisions are red italic underlined. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

1 Introductions

Stewart Auld LHNCC Gillian Meek Victoria Primary School parents’ council
Elaine Dick LHNCC Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward
James Duff LHNCC Cllr Jim Campbell Forth ward
Rob Levick LHNCC chair Rory Garriock Trams to Newhaven
Allan Mackie LHNCC Darren Wraight Trams to Newhaven
Douglas Tharby LHNCC treasurer PC Mhairi McDonald Police Scotland
Robert Weir LHNCC 2 residents and visitors
Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary

2 Apologies

Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC secretary Cllr Adam McVey Leith ward
Arthur Young LHNCC Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North & Leith

3 Minutes of previous meeting

Approved without changes (proposed E Dick, seconded J Duff, nem con)

4 Matters arising


5 Police report

PC McDonald reported

  • Operation Agora will tackle the prevalence of thefts of cycles in all of Leith. The operation is being run by the divisional violence reduction unit. It intends to gather intelligence on youths who are ‘professional’ cycle-thieves. It will also share theft-prevention advice. It is working with veloeye.com to encourage owners to record information that may help with returning recovered cycles to their rightful owners.
    • E Dick reported that cycles have been stolen during the day from a ‘secure’ cycle store.
    • It was suggested that cycles could be protectively marked at the Leith Gala
    • Action: B Ryan to put advice poster and helpful informationon website.
  • Sgt George Nisbet has taken over from Sgt Niven Bull.
  • Operation Soteria is continues to tackle motorcycle incidents. Police Scotland (PS) are using off-road motorcycles as part of this. PS will also patrol walkways using pedal cycle patrols.
  • Statistics for March are not yet published. Action: PC McDonald to chase these up
  • PS have received 1 call about boy racers on Ocean Drive. It was asked how the proposed tram extension would affect them.
  • PS attended an incident at the Genting casino. They stopped and searched some suspicious vehicles for drugs, but found none. They did arrest a careless driver.
  • There was also PS action on Commercial St, stopping 25 drivers. 4 received tickets, 1 was arrested under an existing warrant, 1 car was seized. DVLA tickets were issued for tax offences, 14 warnings were issued for minor offences.
  • Council CCTV focuses on hotspots. One of PC McDonald’s colleagues is advising on CCTV in Platinum Point.

6 Reports

6.a Secretary

Action: LHNCC members to use their LHNCC email addresses for LHNCC matters.

6.b Treasurer

Current balance £816·16. 1 invoice for last month’s minutes is outstanding.

7 Councillors, MSP/MP Report/s

7.a Cllr Campbell

  • CEC is auditing itself, including tightening up its risk management processes.
  • There is a lot of work going on in the waterfront west of LHNCC’s area.

7.b Cllr Booth

  • Following pressure from Leithers don’t Litter, there is now a webform to report fly-tipping.
    • A Mackie reported that much fly-tipping occurs on Old Port Road. This includes a chemical container near a substation. Apparently Scottish Power and CEC each say the other has responsibility for the area. Action: cllr Booth to follow this up.
      (A Mackie later reported that the chemical container has now been removed, thanks to cllr Booth’s efforts.)
    • Cllr Campbell added that CEC’s IT providers have implemented other online reporting mechanisms.
    • S Auld reported that debris from roadworks has been left on Lindsay Road, opposite ScotMid. (Cllr Campbell later confirmed that this issue has been reported to the NE locality roads team.)
  • Some residents have contacted cllrs about a closure at Newhaven Place, and resulting traffic impacts. Apparently this was put in place by NW locality. (Cllr Booth’s ward is in NE locality.) Action: Cllrs Booth and Campbell to follow this up.(Cllr Campbell later reported that he believed Newhaven Place is in NE locality, but will check, and that the works are due to go on to the end of October.)
    • Cllr Campbell added that the audit process may involve centralisation of team work.
    • CEC has allocated an additional £1m to road-repairs but it appears that no additional repairs have yet been made.
    • A Mackie thanked CEC for work on drainage and cleaning of cycle-paths. Action: Cllr Booth to provide further information.

8 Newhaven Trams Update

R Garriock and D Wraight reported

  • The current phase of consultation ends on 29th It will be followed by an internal program to consider consultation responses, with a report due in September. The team is also consulting 1-to-1 with local businesses.
  • CEC will then consider report in November/December, then decide whether to proceed with the extension – based on the full business case, not just the consultation.
  • This would be followed by ‘early contractor involvement’ to ensure CEC and contractors are ‘on the same page’.
  • Construction would start in Spring 2018, lasting around 3 years. This would be followed by testing, so that the extension would open in July 2022.
  • So far, ~1500 people have been to the public information events, and ~1200 people have responded to the online consultation so far. The team has been very impressed with the way people have engaged with the consultation.
    • Responses from people living locally = 76%, responses from people employed locally = 27%
    • Responses from people living locally and/or employed locally = 82%
    • Responses from businesses = 7%, responses from students = 2%
    • There have been some responses from abroad, presumably from ex-pats.

8.a The route, and answers to LHNCC’s questions (in bold)

See also landscaping maps etc at https://lhncc.org.uk/2018/04/26/tram-plans.

  • Trams will travel at maximum 20mph.
  • The terminus will be opposite Annfield. It will resemble the existing terminus at Edinburgh airport.
  • The fixed features are this terminus, the route (due to the Tram Act), use of overhead power-cables, banning of right-turns onto the route except at signalised junctions and compliance with the existing Edinburgh trams. Everything else may be changed as a result of consultations.
  • The ‘Berlin walls’ shown on landscaping map 1 will be retained.
  • The route follows Lindsay Road, which needs to be lowered, then along Melrose Drive, past the cruise-liner terminal.
  • There will be a siding (see map 2) to enable trams to start from Annfield without coming all the way from the Gogarburn depot, or to deal with broken-down trams.
  • The roundabout outside Ocean Terminal would become a signalized junction. There will be other public realm improvements.
  • The tram team has set up a dock area working-group with relevant developers (e.g. Cala, Skyliner, S1, Leith Distiller, MV Fingal) to create an integrated program.
  • Work will happen in phases – see https://lhncc.org.uk/2018/04/26/tram-plans. There will be two-way traffic (1 lane each way) outside Ocean terminal during construction.
  • The north point indicators on some of the maps are erroneous.
  • What effect will Skyliner have on the small road outside it and has this been taken into account? D Wraight has worked with planning and transport – any work that would be on the route now has to ‘go through’ him, so that it does not impact the trams. This should not limit development sizes but might affect the road. For example, only left turns will be allowed into and out of Skyliner (or there will be a signalized junction). Skyliner will be built to the ‘limit of deviation’, which may allow a footpath outside the development along the tram route. DW is in discussions aiming to achieve this and a cycle-path. DW acknowledged that some developments may receive planning permission before the tram proposal does.
  • Some public realm works will be needed along Ocean Drive.
  • It is not currently planned to widen the bridge to allow a cyclepath, despite it being designated in the LDP as a cyclepath.
  • The roundabout outside the Genting casino will be replaced with a corner – see landscaping map 6.
  • It was suggested that the stop is moved towards the corner/casino but it is hard to put a stop nearer to a corner. It was acknowledged that this will be a very tight turn.
  • Parking and loading will be maintained in the part of Constitution St shown in landscaping map 7. There will also be public realm improvements where the trams cross Baltic St. Cafés in this area will be maintained.
  • South of Queen Charlotte St, there will be no parking or loading because the street becomes very narrow. (See map 8.) This part of the route will be for buses and trams only. It has been suggested that cyclists could go via New Kirkgate.
  • Archeological studies will be undertaken at South Leith Parish Church. The church boundary wall will be taken down, then rebuilt as it was before the works. Radar studies have shown there may be more than 200 bodies in this area. It was suggested that the churchyard could be opened up, instead of rebuilding the wall, to make the area more pleasant. DW said that the wall is listed, so listed building consent would be needed for this.
  • Due to various turns, it would be very hard to place the stop further north along Constitution St.
  • Parking from the Foot of the Walk to Pilrig St will be reduced because Leith Walk is relatively narrow here.
  • DW acknowledged that the consultation has shown much concerns about ‘permeability’, i.e. there is about 600m between crossing points., and that cycle-paths would not be fully segregated from loading and parking bays.
  • The currently-proposed position of the stop near Balfour St is problematic, so it may be moved, or the junction may be signalized.
  • Contrary to some rumours, the Cambridges will not be opened onto Pilrig St.
  • There will be 4 traffic lanes along Leith Walk. The central lanes will be for public transport only during peak hours. (Bus stops will still be on the outside lanes, i.e. next to the pavements.) During off-peak hours, all traffic would use the central lanes, while the outside lanes are used for parking and loading.
  • Iona St would be closed completely to motorised traffic (but maybe not to cyclists). This junction will become public realm (seating, cycle-stands etc), in line with Leith Creative’s recommendations.
  • Sooth of Pilrig St, the cyclepath will be fully segregated.
  • There will be a stop south of McDonald Road. NB stop-names are not fixed.
  • Elm Row’s public realm will be redesigned, e.g. change to parallel parking, 2-way cyclepath, moving the trees. Consultation has shown that changes to the original plans will be needed here.
  • The Picardy Place map was missing from the set because it does not match current plans for PP. However, the PP stop will still replace the current York Place stop.
  • Preparation should finish in late 2019.
  • All cables to power trams will be suspended from poles in the central reservation (except along Constitution St, which is too narrow for this), similar to the design of the current route along Princess St. Hence the central reservation along almost all of the route.
  • Stops in the new section will be approximately 500m apart, to enable ‘footfall’ by Leith’s large population. (Stops in the existing route are around 700m apart).
  • The tram team do not know whether bus frequencies will be reduced – this is up to Lothian buses (LRT), who monitor services each year.
  • DW acknowledged that many people have asked about tram/bus integration, especially during construction. The bus stops shown on the current plans have been discussed with LRT.

D Tharby encouraged all LHNCC members to reply to the consultation. Action: R Levick will cover the points talked about this evening in his submission.

DW stated that there would always be someone in the tram team able to come out and talk with the community.

Cllr Booth suggested that LHNCC supports the tram extension in principle, even thought it doesn’t now have time to meet to create a detailed response. This was agreed nem con.

9 Planning update

9.a 18/00846/FUL Skyliner, Ocean Drive

Letter sent, broadly supporting the proposals but expressing strong concern over proposed entry and exit to site on Ocean Drive, especially when that is the proposed tram route. Also, the neighbour notification was very deficient.

9.b 17/05415/FUL Great Junction Street

Letter sent, supporting the development

9.c 18/01154/PAN – Baltic Street

LHNCC awaits thepublic consultation (4 May, 12:00 to 8pm; 5 May 12:00 to 17:00, both at Out of Blue Drill Hall, Dalmeny Street) and FUL application

9.d 18/01015/PAN: Leith Walk Edinburgh EH6 5DX (Stead’s Place)

The developers will present about this proposed development at LHNCC’s May meeting.

10 Events

10.a Visit to SS Explorer

This has been arranged for 6 May. Action: LHNCC members who wish to go are to liaise with Jim Duff.

10.b Request for support regarding Trinity Academy

Cllr Campbell stated that THS’s needs will be considered at CEC’s education committee in May. LHNCC supports in principle funding these needs. Action: LHNCC to submit comments to relevant CEC cllrs and officials before 22 May.

10.c Developing Employment Support 2018

See post on LHNCC website.

10.d Celebrating Community Councils

See post on LHNCC website. Action: all LHNCC members to consider what can be added.

11 Police Scotland re CEC paying for additional policing

See letter on LHNCC website: Police Scotland have not yet replied.

12 LRT Transport to Western General Hospital

LHNCC has written to LRT, asking for route 21 to go via WGH. This request is supported by neighbouring CCs.

13 LHNCC newsletter, other comms

13.a Newsletter

E Dick noted that the 1stedition of the LHNCC e-newsletter was issued on 30 March. LHNCC members were set to receive it via their LHNCC email addresses, but many members don’t use these. Action: all LHNCC members to circulate sign-up link.

13.b Posters

R Levick noted that because the posters were created before LHNCC moved domain to lhncc.org.uk, last year’s posters have incorrect contact details. Therefore the poster needs to be updated, because lhncc.co.uk doesn’t forward to lhncc.org.uk.

Action: E Dick to update poster contact details

13.c Website

Action: B Ryan to get adverts removed from website


14.a Request for support re accommodation

The relevant person didn’t come to the meeting.

14.b Review how LHNCC responds to Planning Applications

R Levick noted LHNCC’s increasing workload, meaning that LHNCCC may not be able to consider everything at its monthly meetings. Hence LHNCC office-bearers will meet to consider how to handle this (possibly by creating a planning committee) and how all members concerns, consent etc will be recorded.

14.c Request from local resident regarding HMY Britannia firework displays

D Tharby reported that a resident has asked if there is a calendar of these displays. A Mackie responded that details are available online. Action A Mackie to supply details.

14.d Newhaven gala, tents etc

A Mackie reported that its events-tents are now stored at the school, because the library no longer had room.

Stewards and volunteers are needed for Saturday 26 May. Action: volunteers to make themselves known to G Meek.

15 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 22 May 2018

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