LHNCC minutes: January 2019

Minutes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council ordinary meeting, held at Leith Community Centre on Tuesday 22 January 2019 at 6.30pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

1 Introductions and apologies for absence

1.a Present

Stuart Auld LHNCC Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward
Elaine Dick LHNCC vicechair Cllr Adam McVey Leith ward
James Duff LHNCC Morvern Cunningham Leith Late
Don Giles LHNCC/FOWLB PC Mairi McDonald Police Scotland
Rob Levick LHNCC chair PC Mark Barrie Police Scotland
Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC secretary Rod Shearer Trinity CC
Douglas Tharby LHNCC treasurer 2 residents

1.b Apologies

Arthur Young LHNCC Gillian Meek Victoria Primary School parents’ council
Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North & Leith

2 Minutes of previous meeting

Approved as-is (proposed J Duff, seconded S Auld, nem con)

3 Matters arising


4 Police report

PCs McDonald and Barrie reported

  • their apologies for no police representative at the previous meeting, due to rota-changes.
  • Inspector Alan Carson is on temporary promotion to St Leonards, outwith LHNCC’s area.
  • Another inspector has taken over his duties
  • PC Colin Spence is will soon move to cover Oxgangs, outwith LHNCC’s area.
    • Hence a replacement is sought, so there is no loss of cover.
  • Police visited over 70 licensed premises over November/December. This was a Leith initiative.
    • Licenses, training records and CCTV were checked in all 70. CCTV is not obligatory in all premises, but most have it.
    • The majority were well-run.
    • Of the 70, 6 are now being assisted with their management systems.
  • Antisocial behaviour patrols were conducted, primarily in the Foot of the Walk area, Great Junction St and North Junction St.
    • Results included arrest of a person due to breach of curfew.
  • Police visited most primary schools in the area. The remainder will be visited soon.
  • There were some high-profile crimes, including
    • high-value theft from a yoga centre. Items have been recovered, and a person charged for reset (receipt of stolen goods)
    • recovery of over 60 [stolen] bicycles in Edinburgh (value > £14,000). Officers are identifying the owners. A CID team will also taken on this type of crime. There were bike-marking operations in Ocean Terminal and at David Lloyd.
  • There was a ‘drive insured’ operation recently.
    • At least one vehicle was uplifted in Leith for lack of insurance, and fixed-penalty tickets were issued for lack of MOT, licensing and seatbelt issues.
    • Police have also been working with DVLA: 13 drivers faced ‘enforcement measures’ in December.
  • On 17 December, 3 drugs and weapons warrants were executed.
  • Concerning boy racers on Ocean Drive, police have been liaising with CEC.
    • CEC highlighted that the area now has a 20mph limit. Locating a speed camera has been considered, but rejected for now. (There aren’t enough incidents to warrant it. There were 6 incidents in the area, including one person being injured on a bus, and two cyclists being injured.)
    • Road-calming measures are not being considered currently, because the tram route is likely to go through this area.
    • Monitoring equipment to gather speeding data will be installed.
    • Police are patrolling the area, and enforcing where possible.
  • There is no hard information on rumours of possible reforms to community policing in Edinburgh.
    • However, LHNCC was encouraged by Cllr McVey to respond to a relevant consultation

5 Reports

5.a Chair

At the start of the meeting, he noted that office-bearers had met recently to consider how LHNCC works on and delegates its planning and other duties. He wishes to talk with all members about this individually, and hence asked for their phone numbers.

5.b Secretary

She wrote to CEC about boy racers on 26 November and received a reply on 12 December. It reflects the PC’s comments above.

Royal Yacht Britannia will have fireworks on Saturday 2 February, Thursday 21 February, both around 10pm for 3 minutes

5.c Treasurer

Balance £1106·77

6 Councillors’/MSP’s/MP’s reports

6.a Cllr Booth

  • There have been persistent bin issues in Western Harbour (now resolved) and Bathfield (possibly now resolved).
    • There have been issues with bin stores.
    • Waste volumes increase at Christmas, and CEC requires volunteers to work on Christmas and Boxing days.
    • Christmas tree collection isn’t always on the normal bin day, so better communication is needed.
    • J Marlborough noted that information on collection days for communal bins isn’t available.
    • J Duff noted long delays between uplifts of recycling bins in Portland St.
    • S Auld asked about recycling bins at a POLHA property. He stated that there are too few, and those in place are very unpleasant.
  • He noted that J Marlborough and A Mackenzie (Leith Links CC) had met about the tram-route, particularly Constitution St.
    • Due to CS’ narrowness, options are reduced. If parking is to be retained, one of the pavements would need to go, but residents did not favour this. Hence today ‘s meeting considered, in particular, loading. A potential way forward is being investigated. However, not all issues can be resolved. There was a concern about information not being disseminated.
    • Action: Cllr Booth to follow this up
    • R Levick noted that a lot of information is being shared via CCTT. See also item 8 below.

6.b Cllr McVey

  • After changes of waste uplift late in 2018, complaints about communal bins increased, so improvements are needed – and in progress. However, collection of private bins is currently at low levels of complaint.
  • There should be information on communal bins about when they will be uplifted.
    • D Tharby noted that paper recycling bins in his area are not collected very often.
  • CEC’s budget consultation opens on Friday. There is a need for much savings, which preserving funds for that ‘which we all care about’. Ways to provide such services and running public assets more efficiently/strategically are being investigated. There was some discussion of this, including consideration of changing nursery/early-years provision.
    • D Giles asked about CEC’s policy towards participatory budgeting (PB). Cllr McVey replied that CEC is committed to allocating 10% of its spending (around £11m) by PB by 2022.
    • It was suggested that Leith needs more money to keep its museums healthy, and contributing to the local economy. Cllr McVey responded that such investment is succeeding in the case of the Customs House, and that recent budgets do include capital for cultural matters.
    • S Auld asked about council tax that will come from new housing in Western Harbour. Cllr McVey noted that council tax is a large part of CEC’s income, and that CEC’s economy is strong. Other areas with less economic strength get more SG grant. Cllr Booth added that council tax is about 10% of Scottish local authorities’ income. In some other parts of Europe it is around 50%.

7 Planning update

Planning briefing paper circulated. Details for all local applications available: LHNCC website planning page

7.a 106-162 Leith Walk (Stead’s Place): 18/04332/FUL& 18/04349/CON

Revised documents were issued 2019_01_18. There will be a hearing on 30 January. Applications were refused on 2019_02_04.

7.b Port of Leith Distillery: 17/04428/FUL

  • Work is due to start in February, including removal of the now-delisted (because it was illegally moved) paint-shed. This will be stored in pieces so that it can be rebuilt elsewhere. M Cunningham was concerned that this heritage item would be lost.
  • R Levick noted that LHNCC’s strong preference was for the shed to be rebuilt, as the current owner currently plans.

7.c Great Junction Street: 17/05415/FUL

Work has now started.

7.d Skyliner, Ocean Drive: 18/00846/FUL

This now has permission, despite lack of tenure-blind social accommodation and sub-standard cycle-parking.

7.e 2 Windrush Place (New Primary School): 18/10570/FUL

LHNCC members were asked to comment on this application, circulated by J Marlborough, but received no replies. She was concerned that the park would not be built at the same time as the school. She noted traffic issues, lack of parking and neighbour notification issues, as experienced ad nauseam in the past. In this case, only a few neighbours were notified, rather than all who would be affected.

  • Cllr Booth suggested contacting MSPs, because a planning bill is going through the Parliament just now.
  • R Shearer noted that his CC had not been informed about this application – it was not on the regular lists.
  • LHNCC needs to comment very soon.

7.f Western Harbour Waterfront: AMC (Approval of matters specified in conditions)

There was a request to give a presentation in February or March. Some changes in the plans have been made.

  • R Levick noted that this area would be a focus of LHNCC’s future work.

8 CCTT (Community Councils Together on Trams)

J Marlborough shared copies of the Pre-construction programme. See also CCTT/TT meetings on the website.

9 Local events & feedback

Detail available: LHNCC website events page

9.a Heart of Newhaven: (Formerly Newhaven Project)

There will be a launch event at Victoria Primary School (7pm, 2019_01_28). J Marlborough will be on steering group.

9.b Leith Chooses

  • Volunteers were requested for the vote (Newkirkgate, 11am–3pm, 2019_02_19) and for preparation on 2019_01_22.
  • Around 31 applications have been received.
  • The Food and Supporting Vulnerable People themes were explained.

9.c Save Leith Walk

A community planning workshop for an alternative vision was at Leith
Dockers, 10am–1pm, 1.30pm–4.30pm, 2019_01_19.

  • This is to develop what should happen at Stead’s Place if the current application is refused. (See item 7.a above.)

9.d NW Waterfront Community Engagement Event

  • This was on Saturday 19th January 2019 (10am-1pm, Granton Parish Church).
  • J Marlborough noted that the response to the first consultation had been ‘amazing’. She recommended taking part in the second consultation(closes 8 February), and looking at the results of the first consultation.
  • R Shearer was concerned that he could not find the results of the first consultation, that Granton Parish Church was not mentioned, that no councillors were at an event and that there were issues with distances from homes to public transport.
    • Cllr McVey stated that tram installation was always meant to be a staged work.

10 CEC Consultations/events and LHNCC’s other work

Detail available: LHNCC other work page

10.a Community councils questionnaire

There was a joint CCs/NE Locality Meeting on 2019_01_10.
The closing date for responding is 2019_01_28.

10.b CEC Edinburgh Partnership

D Tharby noted that he attended a meeting on the Governance Model (Community Planning) on 2019_01_15. A report will be put online. 5 of the 7 CCs in the locality were represented. Other representation will be requested.


11.a Query regarding bin collections in Portland Gardens

See item 6.a above, point 1·4. J Duff asked CEC cllrs to attend the Britannia Quay proprietors’ association meeting on 29 May.

  • Action: J Duff to email details to the cllrs.

11.b Research into community planning

A Student studying Urban Planning at Heriot-Watt University who is currently undertaking research on Local Place Plans. A Scottish Government researcher had been sitting in on this meeting. She wishes to run a focus group on planning – volunteers were requested.

12 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 26 February 2019

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