LHNCC agenda and Eventbrite link: April 2021

Please register via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leith-harbour-newhaven-community-council-march-2021-meeting-tickets-144885525507

  1. Introductions, apologies
  2. Declaration of interests
  3. Minutes of February 2021 meeting
  4. Matters arising
  5. Police Report tbc
  6. Councillor/MSP/MP reports
  7. Chair, Secretary and Treasurer reports
  8. Standing reports:
    1. Planning
      1. Rennie’s Isle Development (presentation and discussion on the planning application from Robert Evans, Director, Ryden Planning for VRS Ltd c/o Union Property Services, and team members
      2. Albert Dock update (JM)
      3. Salamander St/Bath Rd (JM)
      4. Seafield Project update (NT)
    2. Licensing
    3. Transport
      1. Trams/Community Councils Together on Trams (JM)
      2. Edinburgh Bus User’s Group (JM)
    4. Environment
      1. Coalie Park Conversations consultation (DG/ED)
      2. PAS & Zero Waste Scotland, Circular Economy and Planning System event (JM)
    5. Heritage
      1. Heart of Newhaven Community Project (JM)
    6. Community
      1. Edinburgh Civic Forum – Update (JM)
      2. North East Community Planning Partnership (DT)
      3. Edinburgh Partnerships Reforms – EACC (JM)
      4. Community Council Planning Training Workshop (JM)
  9. Resident issues
    1. Parking restrictions in Tower Street
    2. Overflowing bins The Shore and Commercial Wharf
    3. Abandoned vehicles
  10. Leith Connections consultation and next steps (JM)
  11. AOCB
  12. Date of next meeting – Tuesday 27 April 2021


Links for further information on Agenda item (8) Standing Reports

  1. Scottish Government Creating Places: A policy on architecture and place in Scotland
  2. Scottish Government: Transforming Planning Scotland
  3. Scottish Government: Planning and Environmental Appeals Division
  4. CEC: Edinburgh Local Development Plan
  5. Licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues 2021 –  consultation closes 2/7/21
  6. CEC: Edinburgh City Mobility Plan – closes 7/5/21
  7. EACC: Carbon neutrality Edinburgh 2030 – event 22/4/21
  8. Zero Waste Scotland
  9. Circular Economy
  10. CEC: Vision for Water Management in City of Edinburgh
  11. Heart of Newhaven AGM
  12. CEC: Edinburgh Development Concordat
  13. 2021 Tellme Scotland: Public Information Notices for Scotland
  14. CEC: Winter Festivals Consultation closes 19/5/21

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