LHNCC minutes: June 2018 AGM

(See also ordinary meeting minutes in previous post.)

Minutes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council annual general meeting, held at Leith Community Centre on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at 8.15pm

Actions and decisions are red italic underlined. Nem con means that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

This meeting was chaired by Cllr McVey.

1 Welcome, introductions and apologies

Stewart Auld LHNCC Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary
Colin Brown LHNCC Adrian Graham Leith Links CC
Elaine Dick LHNCC Sally Millar Leith Links CC
James Duff LHNCC Jim Scanlon Leith Links CC
Don Giles LHNCC/friends of Water of Leith Basin Tim Parker Trinity CC
Rob Levick LHNCC Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward
Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC Cllr Adam McVey Leith ward
Douglas Tharby LHNCC 3 residents/visitors

1.a Apologies

Arthur Young LHNCC Cllr Gordon Munro Leith ward
Allan Mackie LHNCC Deidre Brock MP Edinburgh North & Leith
Gillian Meek Victoria Primary School parents’ council

2 Approval of the Minutes of the 2017 Annual General Meeting

These were approved in 2017.

3 Annual Report, Chairman: brief review of year

The chair thanked all LHNCC members for help, advice and guidance, and specifically thanked D Giles and D Tharby for their work on Leith Chooses, J Marlborough for being such a great secretary, and R Weir (who has now become an Edinburgh Sheriff), for keeping LHNCC going. The chair has asked Newhaven Church if they wish to send another representative.

The chair noted that LHNCC’s executive has been through a period of much learning. He pointed out how much LHNCC has done in the year – see the appendix below. Highlights include the Xmas lights and the Newhaven and Leith galas and especially Leith Chooses. He thanked community members for regularly bringing issues to LHNCC’s attention.

The chair thanked the CEC cllrs for their support and attendance, and the MP and MSP for their contributions. He suggested that the biggest challenge for the forthcoming year will be creating a structure to give planning matters the focus they need.

4 Treasurer’s report: draft accounts for FY18/19 (to be ratified)

2017/18 2016/17
£ £ £ £
Income Grant from CEC 845·64 845·64
Bank interest 0·89 0·07
846.53 845.71
Expenditure Minutes 300·00 210·00
Printing 80·75 516·00
Events Leith Gala 22·50 77·97
Newhaven Gala 100·00 147·00
Xmas lights 437·50 370·30
Website 65·91 51·46
Miscellaneous 35·00 29·50
1041·66 1402·23
Surplus/(deficit) for the period (195·13) (556·52)
Balance at bank Opening balance 758·33 1314·85
Deficit for period (195·13) (556·52)
Closing balance 563·20 758·33

D Tharby noted that Xmas light costs had risen this year, due to increased pupil numbers, and that LHNCC is now paying data protection registration fees (miscellaneous items). Overall, LHNCC’s deficit is falling.

Action: Cllr McVey to investigate whether LHNCC’s grant is based on population numbers, and if so whether it can be increased.

5 Demit of current office bearers and election of office bearers

There were no other nominations apart from the following. All nominees accepted office, and were approved nem con.

Position Nominee Proposer Seconder Position Nominee Proposer Seconder
Treasurer D Tharby R Levick S Auld Vice-chair E Dick R Levick D Tharby
Secretary J Marlborough D Tharby E Dick Chair R Levick S Auld J Duff

6 Date of next AGM

Tuesday 25 June 2019


Cllr McVey noted that LHNCC is now far more vibrant than it had been. It was suggested that LHNCC links more with other CCs.

Concerning the future of CCs, cllr McVey stated that under the new locality scheme (partnerships of CEC areas with the police, fire service, the NHS etc), CCs can become more influential because they will be the layer between the large localities and individuals. Cllr Booth added that democracy bills may be launched, giving greater empowerment to local organisations.

8 Appendix: LHNCC Planning & Activity Report (AGM) 26/6/18

8.a Planning

16/03684/FUL: Cala. Planning permission for proposed residential development including affordable housing provision, landscaping and public realm, parking, access, ancillary commercial/retail units, associated works. Land 120m southeast of 98 Ocean Drive

Comments submitted. There was ongoing dialogue regarding this application and finally went to Public Hearing 13/12/17 resulting in approval with conditions. Granted Building Warrant to commence work on NE Section of site, to begin late June 2018. Craig Lynes, Land Manager from Cala explained still some issues with CEC and will LHNCC Meeting 26 August 2018 to provide update on Development.

16/00126/REF (Appeal): Aldi, 10,12,14,16,18,20 Dock Street Edinburgh EH6 6EY. Aldi – Detailed planning application for demolition works and erection of a class 1 retail foodstore and associated car parking, access, landscaping, public realm and other works

Following appeal – Allowed 14/9/17, and Alcohol License Application successful June 2018

16/02815/PPP: OCEAN TERMINAL LTD. Proposed Hotel Development and Boardwalk
Land at Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive. (3/6/16)

Permission in principle granted. Legal Agreement currently under discussion in relation to Tram contribution by Resolution.

14/05127/FUL: At Land 96 Metres South Of 2, Ocean Drive, Edinburgh Residential development consisting of 57 flats providing a mixture of accommodation and tenure as well as associated infrastructure

LHNCC submitted comments 19/2/15. Planning Application refused 1/2/17.
Update Ref. No: 17/00047/REF Appeal allowed 5/1/18

16/02868/FUL: Malt & Hops, Land 20 Metres Northwest of 45, Shore, Edinburgh Installation of a 18.5 m x 6.28 m deck with one access gangplank (no founds) on the eastern edge of the Water of Leith basin south of Bernard Street Bridge to allow expansion of the adjacent public house seating area to accommodate a servery, storage and an accessible WC. (as amended)

Application – permission refused 2/6/17. Went to Appeal but dismissed

17/03194/FUL – Permanent mooring of the ship MV Fingal at Alexandra Dock, change of use to Class 7 hotel, and provision of associated infrastructure including parking, pedestrian and service gangways, coupling/fixing mechanism and service connections, and part change of use of existing hydraulic station building to storage

Request for legal agreement (7/11/17), status – Awaiting decision. Spoke to Andrew Thomson, Head of Hospitality & Events, RY Britannia Trust – Progress Report: CEC Session 75 signed this week; Princess Anne visit 5/7/18; Expected to move to Alexandra Dock 1/9/18; Landscape work to progress. Invite to attend LHCC meeting later in year for progress report.

17/01856/FUL: (Industry Lane) Demolition of existing car garage and erection of new residential block 23 units with associated car parking and landscaping. | 4 Industry Lane Edinburgh EH6 4EZ

Comment submitted from LHNCC on12/6/17. Planning Application refused 20/12/17

18/01876/FUL: (Industry Lane) Demolition of existing car garage and erection of new residential block 19 units with associated car parking and landscaping. | 4 Industry Lane Edinburgh EH6 4EZ

New application submitted April 2018. Concern from residents brought to LHNCC followed up with Presentation by developer on 22/5/18. LHNCC submitted comment on 27/5/18. No new information

18/00846/FUL: (S1 Skyliner) Residential development of 237 flats over 4 apartment buildings with heights of 7 storeys (Block A), 13 storeys (Block B), 11 storeys (Block C) and 9 storeys (Block D) with a commercial unit, car parking and associated landscaping

S1 purchased site and held Public Consultation 31/10/17, Presentation to LHNCC 24/10/17. Submitted planning application 26/2/18. LHNCC submitted comment 18/3/18 re concerns in relation to access and Trams. CEC: Minded to grant – legal agreement 18/12/17

18/00186/FUL: (S1 Skyliner) Construction of a new quay wall SE of 98 Ocean Drive Edinburgh

CEC Decision notice approved 13/6/18. Looks like work starting on New Quay.

17/05415/FUL: Residential – Art Deco Cinema, Great Junction Street.

Letter of support sent 5 April 2018.

Have been granted Listed Building Consent and are Minded to Grant for the Planning application. Granted 19/6/18

18/01154/PAN: Proposed residential development: commercial units, landscape, drainage, roads, infrastructure. Bath Rd (Baltic St)

Joint consultation with LLCC as Application borders both CCs. Meeting with representation from both CC’s with Nicholas Wright MRICS, Development Director, Barratt & David Wilson Homes (East Scotland) has been provisionally set for 2/7/18 tbc.

8.b Community Council events/other attended/represented by members

12/10/17 CEC: Assessment of Community Councils, City Chambers
12/10/17 The Future of Coatfield Lane – Outside Consultation
19/10/17 Leith Creative – Make Leith Better: Feedback from project
26/10/17 Campaign for Leith Museum presentation
27/10/17 Out of the Blue – Leith Festival Pageant meeting
31/10/17 Leith Fort Official Opening Ceremony
31/10/17 S1 Skyliner Public Consultation
12/1/17 Leith Remembrance Service, Leith Community Medical Centre
13/11/17 Distribute Flyers for Leith Chooses
13/11/17 Meeting with Leith Distillery Planner
22/11/17 Leith Chooses Launch and Funding Workshop, Newkirkgate – Feedback
29/11/17 Age Friendly Community Event, Dalmeny St. Drill Hall – feedback
4/12/17 Victoria Primary School Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony
4/12/17 LDP Action Programme, Community Council Briefing (This and North East Locality Plan)
5/12/17 CEC Civic Forum Meeting, City Chambers
6/12/17 EDLP Action Programme Community Briefing
7/12/17 Scottish Government/COSLA – A Review of Local Governance review, Leith Theatre
7/12/17 Christmas in Leith, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Kirkgate
13/12/17 Cala Waterfront Development Public hearing, City Chambers
14/12/17 Newhaven Trams, meeting with Rory Garrick
15/12/17 CEC Green Group Christmas Party, City Chambers
17/1/18 NHS Lothian, Joint Health Protection Plan. Plan for 2018-2020
25/1/18 Keith Festival Burn’s Supper, Leith Dockers Club
2/2/18 LHNCC website and email addresses updated
27/2/18 Community Council Training Event
3/3/18 Leith Chooses – Applicants presentations and Voting, Leith Community Education Centre
6/3/18 Civic Forum Meeting, City Chambers
19/3/18 Meeting Victoria Primary School re Gala Day
21/3/18 ELDP Briefing Spring 2018, NE Locality Office, Niddrie Mains Road
21/3/18 Leith Chooses results of Vote, Leith Community Education Centre
22/3/18 Edinburgh Trams Information Event, Leith Library
26/3/18 Parliament Focus Group, South Leith Parish Church Hall’s
29/3/18 Prepare for launch of LHNCC Newsletter
6/4/18 Letter to Police Scotland re funding
9/4/18 Proposal regarding re-routing Bus 21 via WGH to give direct access from Leith, supported by TCC, LLCC
and G&DCC
17/4/18 Save Leith Walk meeting, Out of the Blue Drill Hall. Support for this
21/4/18 Edinburgh Trams Public Information, Ocean Terminal
30/4/17 Meeting Victoria Primary School re Gala Day
6/5/18 SS Explorer visit
9/5/18 Baltic Street Planning Application Public Consultation exhibition, Leith Library
15/5/18 Leith Chooses Feedback, Leith Community Education Centre
19/5/18 Quintinshill (Gretna) Disaster Memorial Service
21/5/18 LCCC – Drum Developer Presentation re Stead’s Place
22/5/18 Save Leith Walk Meeting, Out of the Blue Drill Hall
20/6/18 Trinity Academy. Argument for upgrading. Meeting Wednesday in the Academy library.
26/5/18 Victoria Primary School Gala Day – Provided Stewards and Volunteers for VPS Gala Day
31/5/18 Community Council’s Together, Leith Community Education Centre
10/6/18 Leith Festival Gala Day – Joint ‘stall’ with Leith Links Community Council, at on the Links.
14/6/18 Tram Workshop 1, (Pilrig St.- Foot of The Walk), Training Conference Centre, St. Mary’s Street
17/6/18 Newhaven Heritage Community Gardens, Power of Food Festival
17/6/18 Leith Festival Tattoo, The Shore
19/6/18 NE Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting, McDonald Road Library
19/6/18 CEC, Place Matters, Leith Community Education Centre
21/6/18 CCTT meeting, Out of the Blue, Dalmeny Street. To prepare article for Press release end of June
22-25/6/18 CEC Edinburgh Summer Summit, various activities
25/6/18 Forth Ports Revised Design Framework for Western Harbour, Public Exhibition, Ocean Terminal, 2.30pm – 7.00pm
27/6/18 Tram Workshop 2, (Pilrig St. to Foot of The Walk), Training Conference Centre, St. Mary’s Street

Jennifer Marlborough, Secretary 25 June 2018

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