LHNCC minutes: May 2018

Minutes of the Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council meeting, held at Leith Community Centre on Tuesday 22 May 2018 at 7.00pm

Actions and decisions are red italic. Nem conmeans that no-one spoke or voted against an item.

1 Introductions

Stewart Auld LHNCC Arthur Young LHNCC
Colin Brown LHNCC Bruce Ryan Minutes secretary
Elaine Dick LHNCC Adrian Graham Leith Links CC
James Duff LHNCC Gillian Meek Victoria Primary School
Rob Levick LHNCC chair Slawek Kuzio Murascot
Allan Mackie LHNCC PC Joe Kennedy Police Scotland
Jennifer Marlborough LHNCC secretary PC Margo Darling Police Scotland
Douglas Tharby LHNCC treasurer 6 residents and visitors

2 Apologies

The chair noted that Robert Weir is now a Sheriff in Edinburgh, hence may be subject to conflicts of interest. He has therefore resigned from LHNCC. LHNCC minutes its grateful thanks for his work to keep LHNCC going through a difficult period.

Don Giles LHNCC/friends of Water of Leith Basin Cllr Chas Booth Leith ward
Gillian Meek Victoria Primary School parents’ council

3 Minutes of Previous Meeting

These were approved as is (Proposed E Dick, seconded S Auld, nem con)

4 Matters arising

J Marlborough noted that other CCs had put their responses to the tram consultation on their websites.

Action: R Levick to supply his submission to B Ryan, B Ryan to put this on LHNCC website.

5 Police Report

PCs Kennedy and Darling reported:

  • There were several positive drug operations in the Leith and Craigmillar areas. Large amounts of drugs were seized. These operations continue.
  • A person who has committed much antisocial behavior has been rehoused outwith the area.
  • 2 weekends ago, there was a day of action (Leith officers working with officers from Craigmillar community and CEC environmental wardens) to patrol walkways. Many people were spoken to, and someone driving 5 times over the legal blood-alcohol limit was arrested.
  • Operation Close Pass tackled drivers passing too close to cyclists. 10 drivers were stopped, and 3 offences were reported.
  • The Glasgow police task force will be in Leith for 2 weeks. Some good results are expected.
  • The PCs will be at the Newhaven Gala, along with their sergeant.

A resident asked what can be done about people (including commuters) drive at 80mph in a 20mph zone. The PCs replied that there had been no calls on this matter in the last 2 months. The relevant speed cameras appear to have been halted by tram works. Another resident noted that drivers are burning rubber on the Ocean Terminal car-park roof (particularly on Thursday and Friday nights), which is private land. The PCs replied that this is a matter for OT staff, but were unable to say why CEC can’t install temporary speed bumps. A Mackie stated that this problem is also happening in the Britannia Quay area.

  • Action: The PCs will contact CEC’s roads manager.
  • Action: LHNCC to write to Darren Ryan, NE Transport & Environment Manager re installation of speed bumps and cameras.

In response to a question about theft of cycles, the PCs stated that some stolen cycles had been recovered recently, and would soon be returned to their owners.

  • Action: PCs to supply electronic copies of anti-theft posters etc.

6 Industry Lane: Presentation by/discussion with Mr Slawek Kuzio

Mr Kuzio reported

  • He represents Mirascot, part of Mirapol, a large Polish residential developer with branches in several other countries.
  • Mirascot has 2 sites in Edinburgh, this one and one in London Road. It is ambitious to build this portfolio.
  • It has resubmitted 2 weeks ago its planning application for Industry Lane/Ferry Road. It bought this plot, currently used as a garage, over 12 months ago. Some details of the proposed development are on the LHNCC website.
    • The block on Industry Lane would have 19 apartments (one studio, five 1-bedroom, nine 2-bedroom, four 2-bedroom duplex). The current plans are for 3 storeys, rather than the previously-proposed 4 storeys.
    • The proposed accommodation is oriented towards families. It would have no parking spaces, to support cycling and use of public transport. There will be provision for a car-club off the site (as part of the developer contribution) and/or charging points for electric cars, bike storage, and more green space than originally proposed.

6.a Questions and comments

  • It was noted that the application appeared on CEC’s portal on 18 May, yet the closing date for comments is 1 June.
    • Action: LHNCC to ask for an extension to enable it to submit a comment.
  • A resident suggested that most residents in this area have families, and hence have or need cars.
    • Mr Kuzio replied that there were several shopping opportunities close to the site.
  • Another resident stated that there is free, on-street parking nearby, so people would bring cars to the area.
    • Mr Kuzio replied that this is a small development.
  • Another resident stated that there are already too many cars in Leith, so he sometimes has to park his car elsewhere and walk home.
    • A Mackie stated that car and other environmental policies are driven by CEC.
  • Another resident stated that the development must be accessible by all, necessitating parking spaces for disabled drivers.
    • Mr Kuzio replied that CEC had suggested a car-free development.
  • Another resident stated that the 3-storey development would not fit with surrounding 2-storey buildings, and that the current plans did not take into account several other reasons for rejection of the original application.
  • It was suggested that the developer could make a contribution towards fixing the road-surfaces in this area.
    • Mr Kuzio stated that CEC sets the amount of money to be contributed, and CEC decides how this money is spent.
  • Another resident stated that while the company sounds ‘fantastic’, local residents are disappointed that it has not engaged with them. He continued that the company has not met with residents, taken on any of CEC’s reasons for rejecting the original plans, has omitted nearby grade C listed and other 2-storey buildings from its considerations, and has not taken in CEC’s instruction that the development should not be rendered in brick.
    • Mr Kuzio replied that his company has met with CEC who appear to have accepted this render this time. However, such things can be adjusted if CEC insists. He also pointed out that a nearby recent development was rendered in brick. There was further disagreement between Mr Kuzio and the residents about relative heights of buildings.
    • Mr Kuzio also stated that the site is currently occupied by a ‘nasty’ garage that is falling apart, and has been on the market for many years. His company had bought the site to build apartments. If it now withdraws, the site will be used for businesses, leading to even more traffic on Industry Lane. However, if permission is granted, the value of surrounding properties will increase immediately. (A resident disagreed, claiming that light and visual amenity would be reduced by the new development. Another resident stated that this cannot be taken into account in planning decisions.)
  • Another resident stated that refuse collection would be a further problem because the lane is very narrow, and there is no way for refuse lorries to turn around. Hence lorries must reverse along the lane, potentially endangering residents.
    • The chair stated that people should put in objections based only on material considerations, and also lobby CEC if they feel that planning rules are incorrect.
  • It was also suggested that currently there is too much adversity between residents and developers, including this case, and so the company and the residents should meet in a non-adversarial manner to negotiate solutions. (Ideally this would happen before planning applications are submitted.)
    • Mr Kuzio mentioned that he was trying to meet with others in the near future. However, he reiterated the new plans met CEC requirements, that CEC sets the planning rules, but that if the application was rejected again, his company would withdraw from this site.
  • Action: LHNCC members to send their thoughts to J marlborough ASAP, so she can then submit LHNCC’s comment.
  • Action: J Marlborough to submit comment based on its reading of the current application, and on material concerns.

7 Reports: Secretary and Treasurer

7.a Secretary

J Marlborough reported:

  • She has contacted LHNCC’s meeting venue, who had indicated that the venue would close at 9pm each evening, thus constraining LHNCC meetings. The venue is now hopeful that it will not need to close so early.
  • There will be a ‘CCs together’ meeting on 31 May at 6:30pm in the Persevere room.
  • Edinburgh Local Development Plan summer sessions will be on 19 June, 5pm to 6:30pm in the Leith Library.
  • Place workshops will also be on 19 June. See website for details.

7.b Treasurer

D Tharby reported:

  • Current balance £791·70. However there are outstanding invoices. Any other outstanding costs forwarded to DT ASAP.
  • The year-end is imminent, so DT will contact the auditor.

8 Councillors’, MSP’s, MP’s reports

None present, so no reports.

9 Planning update

See also LHNCC planning page: https://lhncc.org.uk/planning

9.a 18/00846/FUL: Skyliner, Ocean Drive

  • JM reported that there is nothing new, except the developers are now in contact with the trams team.
  • E Dick reported that poor neighbourhood notification had led some of her neighbours to believe this development had already been agreed, so did not send in objections they would have done.

9.b 17/05415/FUL: Great Junction Street

JM reported that there are apparently still some issues with the planning officer.

9.c 18/01154/PAN: Baltic Street (Bath Road)

JM attended a meeting about this proposed development. It is at a very early stage: the developers will circulate detailed plans when they are ready. There will be a meeting in June. A resident noted that a wall that is part of this development wall is listed.

9.d 18/01015/PAN: Leith Walk Edinburgh EH6 5DX (Stead’s Place)

See forthcoming Leith Central CC minutes for details of their questions to the developer.

9.e 16/03684/FUL: Cala Waterfront

  • JM reported that building on the north-east part of the site would start in 4 to 6 weeks. The developers are in talks with the tram team, Skyliner, etc. The Cala developer, Craig Lynes, is interested in presenting at LHNCC’s next meeting to provide an update.
  • E Dick stated that due to pressure from developers building right up to the tram line, creation of a continuous cycle-way along the tram route is in danger. Therefore LHNCC should consider a holistic approach to developments in this area.

9.f 17/04428/FUL: Whisky Distillery

JM spoke with representatives of the distillery. It is going ahead, but developers are waiting on planning and legal agreements.

9.g 16/02815/PPP: Hotel Ocean Drive (Ocean Terminal)

JM reported that this is also still going ahead. However, there are problems with the owners of OT, and with tram contributions.

9.h 18/01876/FUL & 18/01877/CON: 4 Industry Lane

See section 6 above.

10 Events

See also LHNCC events page: https://lhncc.org.uk/events

10.a Visit to SS Explorer

  • J Marlborough reported that this went very well. A repeat visit was requested for later in the year.
  • It was suggested that the chair of the preservation society, Andy Marjoribanks, could address LHNCC later in the year
  • It was suggested that the Explorer should feature in the next newsletter. Action: J Duff to supply this piece

10.b Victoria Primary School Gala Day (26/5/18) – request for volunteers/stewards

J Marlborough reported that two LHNCC members have volunteered. Another member volunteered at this point.

10.c Leith Festival Gala Day (9/6/18)

J Marlborough reported that she had received information about sharing a stall with other CCs. The cost will be £28 if there are three CCs on this stall, £42 if there are 2. This spend was agreednem con.

11 Other work

See also LHNCC other work page: https://lhncc.org.uk/lhnccs-other-work

11.a LRT Transport to WGH

JM reported that LHNCC has received support from Trinity CC, Leith Links CC and Granton & District CC for its suggestion. However, LRT has responded unfavourably to LHNCC’s request to reroute the 21 bus to the Western General Hospital.

11.b Trinity Academy

See website

12 Police Scotland

JM reported that there has been no reply to LHNCC’s letter about additional policing costs.

Action: JM to check that PS have received this letter

13 Skatepark, Melrose Drive

  • J Marlborough reported that this is to be bulldozed. She reported that Cllr Booth had emailed there has been concern for 18 months because it is too close to a substation and to the tram route. However, the trams are not due to built for years yet.
  • It was noted that Leith Chooses had awarded the park a large grant, and it is a community facility that should be replaced.
  • It was suggested that because CEC cllrs effectively ‘gave’ the land to the park, planning permission is not needed.
  • It was noted that the land belongs to Forth Ports.

14 LHNCC Newsletter

E Dick reported:

  • The sign-up link needs to be circulated more widely – this will be done by the forthcoming GDPR email.
  • Suggested topics for the next edition include bike theft, leith gala , SS explorer, fly-spotting, smells reporting
  • Action: All LHNCC members to circulate the sign-up link by disseminating LHNCC’s website URL (lhncc.org.uk)
  • Action: LHNCC to disseminate sign-up link at galas etc.
  • Action: E Dick to contact owner of LHNCC Facebook account, so LHNCC can reclaim it

J Marlborough requested that all LHNCC members disseminate the link by sharing LHNCC’s URL (www.lhncc.org.uk) and use their LHNCC email addresses.


15.a Quintinshill (Gretna) disaster memorial service

  • J Marlborough reported that this had been a lovely service, and that Deidre Brock MP had learnt of the service via LHNCC’s website.
  • It was agreed that LHNCC buys wreaths for this and for the war remembrance service (agreed nem con).

15.b Review how LHNCC responds to planning applications

  • R Levick noted that LHNCC needs to document how it handles planning matters and records its planning decisions.
  • It was suggested that a separate planning committee should be created.
  • Decision: this will be arranged at the AGM, after election of officers, to be implemented in the following council year (nem con).

15.c Other matters

  • The next neighbourhood partnership meeting is on 14 June at 6:30, at McDonald Road Library.
  • It was agreed to meet in August, despite previous precedent (nem con)
  • It was noted that LHNCC should advertise its vacancies via its website, at galas etc.

16 Date of next meeting (AGM)

Tuesday 26 June 2018

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