Trams v skates

We reproduce a communication from Leith DIY Skateparks. LHNCC does not yet have a position on this issue. See Facebook for more information.

Edinburgh City Council are going to bulldoze it in the coming days / weeks.

As a constituted group Leith DIY Skateparks do not have a formal stance on the Trams and their extension to Newhaven.

The Skatepark footprint is only actually minimally infringed on by the Tram infrastructure which is depicted in drawings that were recently published. As indicted in these drawings the majority of the skatepark is designated to be “Proposed Grass”. Regardless of this the Council have decided that the whole site is to be demolished and have insisted this will happen within the next few weeks.

Back in 2015 the site was very derelict and the Skatepark originally built through a DIY ethos by local volunteers. As such we do not have official permission to be there. The old lease holders did not voice any concerns to us over two years and from what we have seen and heard the Leith and broader Edinburgh public are very much behind what we are doing at the site at Newhaven. The fact that Leith DIY Skateparks as an organisation received the most votes for Leith Decides and Leith Chooses funding competitions highlights the projects popularity in the area.

Edinburgh Council recently started renting the land and have taken the position that the entire Skatepark must go. Whether this is connected to the Trams or not is something you can decide for

Obviously the impending destruction of the Skatepark is something we are all very upset about and believe this will be a true loss to the Community. We requested to the council whether a retrospective planning application could be made and if we could perhaps sublease a section of the land which did not interfere with the Trams route. There are perfectly viable options for the Skatepark to be legitimised with regards to safety concerns and insurance etc.

The Council were very uncompromising on these issues and due to our technical illegality we do not really have grounds to argue this further with them.

It is our firm and continuing position that the Leith DIY Newhaven Skatepark can coexist with the Trams should Edinburgh Council wish to cooperate with us. We are still hoping at this late stage that this may be achievable.
If you want to have a Skate here again then make it sooner rather than later. The first evidence of site clearance has already begun. Hopefully we will have time to have one last Skateboarding party on the 12th May. Would love to see you all there if Edinburgh City Council wait that long. If this is the end then love and thanks to all that made it happen.

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