Developing Employment Support 2018

(adapted from an email from Lyndon Smith, Engagement consultant. There is other relevant information here:

My name is Lyndon and I am an Engagement Consultant at Working Links working on the new Fair Start Scotland program. To be brief, we are delivering a new voluntary employment program on behalf of Scottish Government. As a result of the recent Smith Commission we have been asked to co-deliver a new employment project on the values of dignity and respect, fairness, equality and continuous improvement.  I am very excited about the program as it’s built on the success as well as the lessons learned through previous project delivery. Here is a link to the program from Employability Scotland:

The Fair Start program is all about service providers, health care professionals and communities working together to help narrow the unemployment gap. It’s also built on the principle of providing a better link to tailored service delivery for those within our community in need. This covers mental health, disability, people with long term health issues, lone parents, offenders, ethnic minorities, young care leavers  and the long term unemployed.

As an Engagement Consultant, my role is to actively promote the program in the local community. I am a point of contact for people to learn more about the program to determine suitability, as well as generating referrals. A large part of my role is developing relationships with local employment providers, health sector providers and the local community.

Kind regards

Lyndon Smith
Engagement Consultant

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