Petition: better bus services for Leith!

LHNCC’s neighbours, Leith Links Community Council have created this petition calling for better bus services for Leith: To quote the petition,

We have NO buses at all on the north side of Leith Links, although 1000s of new residents are moving into large new housing developments there. Having to walk across the Links (especially in the dark) is a safety (especially for women) issue as well as a transport issue.

We have lost the 22 bus (that we were promised would stay, at least until the tram is running).

There is no direct bus to the Western General although Leithers are generally referred there by NHS services, rather than to the RIE.

Bus stops are being removed or spaced out too far apart, all around the city, which makes it difficult for older people to use the bus system.

Bus lanes now seem to be threatened, which will slow down bus travel and make it less attractive – thus encouraging more car use.

Read more in the Edinburgh Evening News:

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