LHNCC October meeting – register now

LHNCC’s October meeting will be online, via Zoom. Register via Eventbrite to join us: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/leith-harbour-newhaven-community-council-october-meeting-tickets-125793643173.

The agenda will become available on https://lhncc.org.uk/meeting-papers, as soon as it’s ready. We will also email it to voting members, ex-officio members and those who register via Eventbrite. (We’ll also send out draft minutes of the October AGM and ordinary meeting.)

Basic info

  • LHNCC uses the Zoom platform. Get the software
  • We will email the Zoom details to those who register.
    • We do this manually, so these emails won’t be instantaneous.
  • The Zoom link will be open from 18:45, so people can connect, say ‘hello’ etc.
    • There will be a waiting-room, but we will admit you as quickly as possible.
  • The actual meeting will begin at 19:00.
    • At that point all but the chair, secretary and meeting-host will be muted. Please raise your electronic hands, use chat or (last resort) gesticulate to speak.
    • Use of ‘chat’ to discuss issues and raise points is welcome.
  • The meeting will be Zoom-recorded on the minutes secretary’s computer to enable creation of accurate minutes.
    • This recording will not leave the minutes secretary’s computer.

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