March LHNCC meeting cancelled

The LHNCC meeting that would be on Tuesday 24 March is cancelled.

This is in part because our normal venue, the Leith Community Education Centre (the ‘Kirkgate’) is closed due to the coronavirus. The other reason is that LHNCC wishes to act sensibly for its members, residents and other visitors.

We will keep you informed with updates on our website and social media.

As regards future meetings before our AGM in June, we will review holding these based upon the urgency of any matters in our regular business and anything arising that requires our timeous response.

You can find relevant information about the Kirkgate and coronavirus at

The guidance from the Scottish Government is here:

Here are some other sources of advice about coronavirus:

Update on Saturday 21 Marchcopied from tweets from CEC

If you have Coronavirus symptoms you must put your personal waste (eg tissues and disposable cleaning cloths) in a plastic rubbish bag, tie it when full, then double bag it by putting it in another bag. After 72 hours you can put it outside in your grey or black lidded bin.

From Monday we’re suspending blue box collections for glass because of staff shortages. You can find out what to do with your glass, as well as more updates on changes to bin collections here We really appreciate your patience & understanding about this.

Original tweets are here ( and

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