Paint/Steel Shed – Update from Port of Leith Distillery

(adapted from an email from Port of Leith Distillery)

We’ve been very busy getting our investment round over the line to start construction. It also transpired that there was more to do for us to discharge all of the planning conditions relating to the distillery construction and we’ve been liaising with Edinburgh Council to clear these up. Everything is always much more complicated than we think it will be.

We’ve had some presence on the site for a couple of weeks undertaking site clearance, but now the conditions have been discharged to the satisfaction of the Council, we can start the careful deconstruction of the shed and its transfer to its temporary home at the other end of Ocean Terminal. This will begin next week.

We’ve negotiated an agreement with Ocean Terminal to store the shed for one year, during which time a new home must be found for it, most likely another storage site, but longer term whilst funds are found for its reconstruction.

We met a representative from Forth Ports the other day and discussed their suggestion of re-erecting it at the Western Harbour site. He’s going to take it up directly with Charles Hammond.

Essentially, the clock now starts ticking. We have 12 months of storage agreed but after that the future becomes less certain. For our part, we now have our hands full with the distillery construction and must continue to raise investment. We hope that we can now hand this project on. We are happy to kick this off with a meeting.

Paddy Fletcher
Director, Port of Leith Distillery
+44 7720 438 093

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