Election results and office-bearers

Cllr Adam McVey confirmed this evening that the following people were elected at the end of September to serve on LHNCC for the next 4 years:

  • Stewart Auld
  • Colin Brown
  • Elaine Dick
  • Rob Levick
  • Jennifer Marlborough
  • Douglas Tharby
  • Arthur Young
  • Don Giles (representing Friends of the Water of Leith basins)

The following office-bearers were then elected.

Role nominee(s) proposer(s) seconder(s) result
Chair Douglas Tharby Arthur Young Jennifer Marlborough Elected nem con
Vicechair Elaine Dick Douglas Tharby Stuart Auld Elected nem con
Secretary Jennifer Marlborough Elaine Dick Douglas Tharby Elected nem con
Treasurer DouglasT Don Giles Stewart Auld Elected nem con

Bruce Ryan was reappointed as non-voting minutes secretary and webmaster (nem con).

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