LHNCC agenda: March 2019

LHNCC Meeting, Shore Room, Leith Community Education Centre, Newkirkgate
Tuesday 26 March 2019 at 6.30pm

1 Introductions, apologies

2 Minutes of previous meeting

3 Matters arising

4 Police report

5 Reports

5.a secretary

(Western Harbour Development Report brought forward from 8.a)

5.b Treasurer

6 Forth Ports representatives: Western Harbour Development, to address issues identified in Planning Team Report (7.00pm-7.20pm)

7 Councillors’, MSP’s, MP’s reports

8 Planning Team report/s and Updates

detail of all Applications available on LHNCC planning web-page

8.a Western Harbour Development: 19/00986/AMC& 19/01040/AMC

Planning Team Report attached

8.b Sandpiper Drive (new): 19/00915/AMC

Date for Comment extended to 2/4/19

8.c S1: Skyliner: Application for Variation of Consent 16/03684/FUL& 16/03684/VARY

  1. Public consultation: Ocean Terminal, Wednesday 27 February (12:00 to 19:00)
  2. Permission granted 6/3/19

8.d 198 Great Junction St. (Art Deco Cinema): 2 Ocean Drive 18/09563/FUL& 18/09850/AMC

  1. Permission granted as application as determination does not carry with it any necessary consent or approval for the proposed development under other statutory enactments.
  2. Concerns related to demolition work (Douglas)

9 CCTT (Community Councils Together on Trams)

  1. CEC Transport and Environment Committee Meeting: Final Business Case (FBC) approved at Hearing 28/2/19. Presentations were provided by CCTT representatives.
  2. CEC Full Council Meeting 14/3/19: FBC approved (36 for; 26 against)

iii. CCTT will continue to meet with Tram Team in the following months to monitor progress.

10 Local events & feedback

detail available on LHNCC ‘other work’ web-page

10.a Leith Community Centre 50th. Anniversary Party 10/3/19 feedback

10.b CEC Edinburgh Connecting our City – Engagement Workshop 11/3/19 feedback

10.c LeithChooses:

Results Event and Feedback & Review 12/3/19

10.d Save Leith Walk

  1. Public Meeting 13/3/19: Presentation and a hustings for Leith Walk by-election with presentations from candidates.
  2. Campaign – start of online petition to reopen boarded up shops

11 CEC and Scottish Government Consultations

detail available on LHNCC events web-page

11.a CEC community council scheme

Closes 22/4/19: https://consultationhub.edinburgh.gov.uk/ce/edinburgh-community-council-scheme-review

Community. Councils – Discussion Event (20/3/19) feedback


12.a Revive proposal regarding LRT route 21 via Western General Hospital – update

13 Date of next meeting

Tuesday 23 April 2019

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