Edinburgh Shoreline project kicks off

(adapted from an email from the Botanic Gardens)

You are invited to an Edinburgh Shoreline event at the Botanic Garden on 29 March. This is the start of a year- long project focusing on the Edinburgh Shoreline – its rich history, culture and biodiversity – with input from local communities regarding how they relate to their section of coast and how they envisage it in the future. Please feel free to pass on to all those who might be interested. There will be a range of ways in which local communities can get involved and this first event focuses on community contributions to an RBGE exhibition this summer. See below the cut for more information about the project.

Event details

Balfour Building, Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, 20A Inverleith Row. Edinburgh EH3 5LR. Enter on the east side of the garden at 20 A Inverleith Row as the John Hope Gateway entrance on the west side will be closed.

Tea and coffee will be available from 6.00 pm and the meeting will finish at 8.00.

To book a place please contact Charlotte Johnson at cjohnson@rbge.org.uk

The 8, 23 and 27 buses all stop close to 20 A Inverleith Row.

Project information

The Edinburgh Shoreline is a year long project exploring the city’s 27km coastline – the historical relationship between people and the sea; the plants and animals found there and the challenges that the coastline faces. With the active involvement of the shoreline communities, one of the highlights will be a major exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh from 23rd July-23rd September, 2018. We are seeking contributions to the exhibition from communities along the Shoreline and in delivering longer term legacy on the Shoreline. This is a chance to explore and share how your community relates to its section of shoreline.

This initiative is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Green Infrastructure Community Engagement Fund, administered by Scottish Natural Heritage on behalf of the Scottish Government.

As a start to this exciting project we would like to invite local community representatives to an event on 29th March, 6.00 pm – 8.00 pm run by Creative Carbon Scotland https://www.creativecarbonscotland.com/project/green-tease/. This event will be a chance to learn more about the project, explore how communities can contribute towards the exhibition working with artists, and a chance to meet other people from along the Shoreline.

We are seeking around six representatives from each Edinburgh coastal community. Please forward this email to appropriate contacts within your area. The event is free but must be booked through the Shoreline Project Manager – Charlotte Johnson- see contact details below. Travel expenses will be paid on production of appropriate travel tickets or receipts. We look forward to welcoming you all to the Botanic Garden on the 29th.

LEONIE ALEXANDER Urban Biodiversity Project Officer




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