A Celebration of All Things Leith 2018

(adapted from an email from At The Market Limited)

Last April, Leith Market hosted an event called A Celebration of All Things Leith. It had a range of regular traders, local/community groups, art hubs and charities showcasing the best Leith has to offer. The event was so successful that Leith Market decided to host another one on the same weekend this year.

A Celebration of All Things Leith 2018 will take place on Saturday April 28th.

The event will have the same goal, to spread the word locally about the great things going on in Leith and to spread the word about the market at the same time.

There will be the usual market, with more traders than usual. Local groups will have platforms to show the community who they are and what they do. Custom House will be open on the day, including spillover space for the market.

There will also be a Facebook event and lots of Instagram coverage to get support for the day. Leith Market say that the market last year was so busy, everyone had a great time and the feedback was fantastic.

Leith Market is now looking for groups/organisations/people who want to take part in the event. You can take a stall for the day or Leith Market would love to hear from you if you want to sing, dance, busk, act etc. on the day.

If you do take part, Leith Market ask you to help them publicise the day on social media. You can find Leith Market on Facebook @LeithMarketDockPlace, and keep an eye out for the event to be created. Leith Market’s website is www.stockbridgemarket.com, and their instagram is https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/928231991/leith-market-dock-place/

Please email Leith Market if you are interested in taking part. Because the last event was so popular, Leith Market advises you to get in touch early to guarantee a space.

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