Conservation Area character appraisals

The Council is currently reviewing the character appraisals for Edinburgh’s conservation areas.

Character appraisals guide the local planning authority in making planning decisions and, where opportunities arise, in preparing enhancement proposals.

The current character appraisal for Leith can be viewed here:

The intention is to make the appraisals more interactive and the first of these has been completed for the Grange Conservation Area:

A draft revised character appraisal is programmed for presentation to the Planning Committee in February 2015. Following this there will be a comprehensive consultation on the appraisal.

At this stage, we would be pleased to know if there are any issues you would like to see included in the draft appraisal.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this or arrange a meeting.




Jack Gillon, Principal Practitioner, Built & Natural Heritage, Services for Communities, The City of Edinburgh Council, Waverley Court, Level G3, 4 East Market Street Edinburgh, EH8 8BG. Tel 0131 469 3634.


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