Mill Lane Clinic: LHNCC’s objection

 <LHNCC secretary’s personal address redacted>

28 October 2021           

Adam Gloser

Case Officer


Waverley Court,

4 East Market Street, Edinburgh , EH8 8BG

Dear Mr. Gloser

Ref: 21/04912/FUL: Mill Lane Clinic 5 Mill Lane Edinburgh EH6 6TJChange of use from dwelling (class 9) to residential institution (class 8).

Agent: Four Square Scotland

Grounds for comment – Objection

I am submitting this response on behalf of Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council (LHNCC). This proposed change of use from office to Class 8 residential Institution has raised concerns from residents. these have been considered by LHNCC committee and planning group. 

The application appears not to require completion of sections under Checklist for Planning Application and there is no reference or information regarding type of residential institution/tenure for proposed 22 apartments or availability for parking and cycle storage provision. Local residents have identified that the institution will be used as a homeless shelter but no details available about provision being provided and if this will include families or only individuals. If such shelters are needed we would prefer to see them managed by regulated charitable organisations with ongoing support available for tenants.

It would appear the only aspect of the planning application is for the HMO permission, and this is not considered or recorded here. There is no information in this  application about Health & Safety requirements needed to meet legislation. Clarification on what is required for Residential Institution application needs to be clarified as there does not appear to be any specific legislation for this type of change of use application 

We, are therefore, recommending that application is refused as it fails to provide suffice to evidence to allay our concerns.

Yours sincerely 

Jennifer Marlborough



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