Maritime St LBC application: LHNCC’s objection

<LHNCC secretary’s personal address redacted>

9 October 2021

Weronika Myslowiecka

Case Officer


Waverley Court, 

4 East Market Street, 

Edinburgh , EH8 8BG

Dear Ms Myslowiecka

Ref:  21/04480/LBC Proposed upwards extension and change of use from office to residential to form 22 flats, with associated infrastructure, landscaping, and cycle parking. | 9-11 Maritime Street Edinburgh EH6 6SB

Applicant: Rennick Property

Agent:       Scott Hobbs Planning Ltd.

Grounds for comment – Objection

I am submitting this response on behalf of Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council (LHNCC). This proposed development lies within Leith Conservation Area and has raised concerns despite attention given to restoration of some aspects and demolition of more recent buildings at rear of site. These are compromised by internal changes to lower roof to enable  increased height and massing in the conservation area to accommodate additional apartments. The loss of commercial/office space impacting on local amenities and parking. Local residents also expressed concern about height and massing. 

The application is incomplete as no reference or information regarding types of tenure, parking and cycle storage provision for proposed 22 apartments. 

We, are therefore, recommending that application is refused as it fails to meet standards referenced below.


Edinburgh Local Development Plan (ELDP) (2016)

Policy Des 3 Development Design –

Incorporating and Enhancing Existing and Potential Features

Planning permission will be granted for development where it is demonstrated that existing characteristics and features worthy of retention on the site and in the surrounding area, have been identified, incorporated and enhanced through its design.

This has not been met

3 Caring for the Environment

Policy Env 5 Conservation Areas – Demolition of Buildings

Proposals for the demolition of any building within a conservation area, whether listed or not, will not normally be permitted unless a detailed planning application is approved for a replacement building which enhances or preserves the character of the area or, if acceptable, for the landscaping of the site.

This application fails in some areas

Policy Env 6: 

Development within a conservation area or affecting its setting will be permitted which “preserves or enhances the special character or appearance of the conservation area and is consistent with the relevant con

servation area character appraisal” and which “demonstrates high standards of design and utilises materials appropriate to the historic environment.”

This application fails in some areas.

5 Housing and Community Facilities 

Policy Hou 2 Housing Mix

The Council will seek the provision of a mix of house types and sizes where practical, to meet a range of housing needs, including those of families, older people and people with special needs, and having regard to the character of the surrounding area and its accessibility.

Not identified in this application.

Policy Hou 6 Affordable Housing

Planning permission for residential development, including conversions, consisting of 12 or more units should include provision for affordable housing amounting to 25% of the total number of units proposed. For proposals of 20 or more dwellings, the provision should normally be on-site. Whenever practical, the affordable housing should be integrated with the market housing.

Not identified in this application.

7 Transport

Car and Cycle Parking

Policies Tra 2 and 3

Not identified in this application.

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