A survey on the future use of Custom House in Leith

The Scottish Historic Buildings Trust (SHBT) is carrying out a survey of people and organisations in Leith to help define a long term plan for the development of Custom House.  The survey is designed to build on consultations carried out since Custom House was bought by the City of Edinburgh Council and leased to SHBT in order to save and regenerate this important historic building.

It is important for SHBT to understand the communities’ views on the development of Custom House. The consultations are being carried out in line with SHBT’s remit from the Council to ensure that the building is used sustainably for the benefit of the community of Leith – this reflects the purchase of the building using the Common Good Fund.

A fairly consistent picture has emerged through consultations of the kind of uses that might be developed for Custom House.  This seems to be a multi-purpose building, largely accessible to the community and part of which would celebrate and display aspects of Leith’s rich and fascinating heritage. It could include and be partly financed by rentable spaces for events, artist studios, cafes and compatible small local businesses. It could also be of sufficient interest to be a draw for visitors to Leith.

We now need as many people as possible to give us feedback on the potential uses by completing the survey. The results will be used to define the future of Custom House and guide the final proposals for the building.

Please help SHBT by completing this questionnaire as soon as possible – by Friday 6th December at the latest. Please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser.


If you have any queries about the survey or Custom House please contact SHBT by email on admin@shbt.org.


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