Scotland’s seas and beaches

(adapted from an email from Alice Hunter of Greenpeace)

Great news – a motion has been put forward in the Scottish parliament in support of a deposit return scheme!

A recent poll showed that 78% of people surveyed in Scotland said they support the creation of a return scheme – adding a small deposit on each plastic bottle you buy, which you get back when you return it.

The more bottles returned, the more can be reused or recycled – reducing the amount that end up in landfill and littering our oceans.

Please use this link email your MSP, to ask him or her to support this motion.

Plastic doesn’t belong in our oceans. With over 16 million plastic bottles going unrecycled in the UK every day, the time to act is now.

Whether it’s because you hate seeing plastic in local rivers and beaches, or because you’re moved by the images of seabirds with stomachs full of bottle tops, MSPs need to hear from their constituents why you care about plastic pollution. The more of us who contact our MSPs, the more likely they are to support the motion. And the more MSPs who add their support, the more likely it is to be successful! 

Please email your MSPs and ask them to take this important step to show their commitment to fighting plastic pollution in our oceans

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