Leith Neighbourhood Partnership News: Summer 2016

(adapted from an email from Leith Neighbourhood Partnership)

Highlighting the Healthy Leith Action Group

This is a sub-group of Leith Neighbourhood Partnership (NP), which brings together service providers with an interest in health to work on the Healthy Leith priority, identified by local people in the 2014-17 Local Community Plan.  This priority is important for everyone with those affected by poverty, social isolation, disability or addiction particularly in need of local services.

Alcohol in Leith 

Local people said that alcohol was a factor in some of the issues which needed to be prioritised.  Those views are supported by statistical information which tells us that alcohol impacts on the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership area in a number of ways.

263 local people responded to a detailed survey.  This provided a great deal of data which will be analysed.  Initial results were presented at a well attended Leith Neighbourhood Partnership meeting  in May 2016.

Edinburgh Licensing Board and Edinburgh Licensing Forum, NHS Lothian, Police Scotland, local voluntary organisations and community groups have all shown a great interest in the survey as it expresses the views and experiences of local people.  The survey information together with statistical information will provide sound evidence for planning local initiatives to reduce alcohol harm.

Local Opportunities for Older People (LOOP)

The North East LOOP brings together over 100 partner organisations to reduce social isolation for older people.   Volunteers have been recruited and trained to help with this work.  The service helps housebound people reconnect with the community, including through specialist transport, learning IT skills and library outreach visits.  Information Stations have provided information on how to access activities and services and a database provides up-to-date information.

Bringing people together

Creating connections between the older and younger people has strengthened relationships across the generations.  A Community Grant from Leith NP has enabled new activities for the New Spin intergenerational project, such as New Age Kurling and Belly Dancing to name just two.  New Spin’s achievements were acknowledged with two awards from the Scottish National Recognition Awards 2016.  Also, over 60 older and younger people engaged with the new Generations project, bringing school pupils and sheltered housing residents together.

Health Partners News

Leith Timebank provides an opportunity to come together and share skills.   Activities include social meet-ups, language classes and arts activities.

New Spin Intergenerational Group is having a summer trip to Blairdrummond Safari Park on 29 July 2016.  Contact Anne Munro for further information.

£with Decides

Communities across the Leith NP area have led the way for the rest of Scotland in using Participatory Budgeting to allocate local community grants.  Community Groups, Voluntary Organisations and Registered Charities have benefited from grants to bring opportunities to people living in the Leith NP area – for example, creating community gardens, health and fitness projects, language classes and resources, learning new skills, Arts and music projects, providing support and having fun local events.  TheParticipatory Budgeting process provides networking opportunities, promotion of local services and opportunities as well as giving over the decision-making power to local people.

Now in its 7th year, £eith decides brings not only £22,000 for grants of up to £1,000 but also £22,000 for grants of up to £3,000 to be decided upon by local people. Applications are now invited to be submitted by 25 August 2016.

Dates for your diary

Leith Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting:  6.30 pm on Monday, 29 August 2016 at the Fort Youth and Community Centre.  All welcome.

£eith decides market place event – 12.30 pm, Saturday, 8 October 2016 at Leith Community Education Centre.

£eith decides results event – 5.30 pm, 1 November 2016 at McDonald Road Library.

Leith NEECAG Meeting – 2.00 pm on Wednesday, 2nd November 2016 in the Community Lounge, Gordon Court Retirement Housing, Gordon St.  Agenda includes Care and Repair service for older and disabled people.

Online information

SfC Neighbourhood Team Facebook Page

Vote for £eith decides facebook page.



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