Volunteer for north Edinburgh biodiversity projects

Edinburgh Living Landscape needs volunteers in north Edinburgh – see the email below the cut.

Although the areas covered by the request are outwith Leith Harbour & Newhaven CC’s area, you may know someone who is interested.

As part of the Edinburgh Living Landscape[1] project I was recently appointed by the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh as their Urban Biodiversity Project Officer with the aim of developing projects to benefit people and wildlife in the city.

I am focussing on the north part of Edinburgh covering four Community Council areas including Drylaw/Telford, West Pilton/West Granton, Granton and District and Muirhouse/Salvesen.

As part of this effort in North Edinburgh I would like to recruit a number of volunteers from these Community Council areas who would be interested in receiving training related to biodiversity, local food growing, and health and greenspace, with the aim of acting as local ‘agents’ contributing to the Edinburgh Living Landscape over the longer term.

I envisage at least 2 volunteers from each Community Council area contributing over a period of a year or so, to learn about biodiversity in their area, develop skills in local food production and learning about the benefits of quality green space to health.

Training would be a combination of workshops, exploring and surveying, visiting other projects and setting up projects locally and would require a commitment of around 1 day per month – more if people are interested.

The programme is flexible and will respond to the skills of  volunteers and their particular interests.

If anyone known to the Community Council is interested in finding out more they could contact me directly, on the phone number above, or by email, or I am happy to meet with anyone to give them more information.

I am keen to generate a diverse group that represents interests across the community and I would be grateful for any suggestions regarding local organisations or individuals to contact.

Please forward this request to anyone appropriate, as you see fit.

Thank you for any assistance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely



Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) | 20A Inverleith Row | Edinburgh | EH3 5LR

Email: l.alexander@rbge.ac.uk  | Mob: 07918 736481

[1] http://scottishwildlifetrust.org.uk/docs/002_057__edinburghlivinglandscapeprogrammeplan_nov2014_1415022921.pdf

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