Scottish Interfaith Week

(adapted from an email from Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association)

Scottish Interfaith Week starts on Sunday 22nd November. It’s a week of events aimed at promoting tolerance, understanding, companionship between people of all faiths.* EIFA believes that now, more than ever, such work is needed to ensure divisions do not take hold after events such as those witnessed last weekend in Paris, which have already had repercussions in Scotland.

Click the graphic to download the programme of events for Interfaith Week. EIFA highlights a few in particular that might be of interest, although there are many more, both in Edinburgh and across the country:


  • Wednesday 25th , Augustine United Church, 6pm – Faith and Organ Donation: what are the religious and cultural barriers to organ donation and how might they be overcome?
  • Thursday 26th Augustine United Church, 7pm – Talk by Peter Owen Jones (of Around the World in Eighty Faiths)
  • Sunday 28th Well Café, Nicolson Square, 7pm – Interfaith Quiz and meal

Aliya Ryan
Administrator and Events Coordinator (Part-time)
Edinburgh Inter-Faith Association
City of Edinburgh Methodist Church
25 Nicolson Square
Edinburgh EH8 9BX
Tel: 0131 283 5427

*LHNCC encourages tolerance, understanding etc between people of all religious viewpoints, including agnosticism and atheism.

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