Red and Blue Box Collections

Calendars for the red and blue box collections are going online this year. Calendars have been posted only to those with assisted collections this week.

In recognition of the fact that more people have access to the web, and to help drive down the amount of paper and costs involved with distributing more than 140,000 calendars each year, we currently only offer the refuse, garden and food waste calendar online, and the new red and blue box calendar is now online too.  In addition, we offer a link on our website to Green Box Day so that residents can get reminders of their next collection for garden waste and red and blue boxes.

We continue to send out calendars to those residents that received help with their collections (called an assisted collection) and anyone who still wishes to have a paper copy of the calendar, can contact us either by email or by calling 0131 529 3030.

There is a directory for the red and blue boxes here:, which lists the collection dates, and there will be a calendar linked to this that residents can download by Wednesday next week.

Non Internet users will be informed of the change by traditional media – posters are being distributed to neighbourhood offices, community centres, libraries, dentists and doctors surgeries.  Furthermore, we will provide information to community life pages and community papers.

Additionally, there is no change to the frequency or schedule of collections at the moment, so residents can continue to put their recycling and refuse out on the same days as before.  We will inform all residents when the service changes later this year.

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