Antisocial Behaviour Draft Policy

Draft Policy Framework Consultation March 2014

Antisocial Behaviour Draft Policy Framework Consultation – CLOSES 17 APRIL 2014

A draft Antisocial Behaviour Policy has been developed to help inform all key stakeholders, in particular tenants of the City of Edinburgh Council, their household members and their visitors, of the Council’s objectives and approach to tackling ASB. We hope by providing a  clear policy residents and communities can be assured that we, as a Council, are committed to taking a proportionate but strict approach to ASB, which places residents subjected to inappropriate behaviour at the heart of the process.

A clear aim of the policy is to set out the Council’s approach to the prevention and management of ASB that can often blight the lives and wellbeing of residents. It promotes the message that help and support are available where needed to assist people in changing their behaviour, however where this is not effective, and serious and persistent ASB continues, robust action will be taken.

The policy has emerged from key pieces of work including the ASB Strategy 2013 – 2016, ASB Review Group and feedback received from the Policy Development Sub Committee on the 10th September 2013.

Consultation on the policy is being carried out from the week from the 26 March 2014 over a three week period closing on the 17 April 2014. Feedback from the consultation will be incorporated into a final policy to be submitted to the Health, Social Care and Housing Committee in June 2014 for approval.

If you or other members of your community council would like to comment on the draft ASB Policy Framework, please read the attached copy and go to the link below for the Survey Monkey.


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