Lockdown on Leith … and the lost right hand glove

A message from Douglas Tharby, LHNCC’s chair.

‘Sunshine on Leith’ the song from our two famous local twin brothers was in my mind the other day. Indeed over the past six weeks the sun has shone most days although not today. That has made it all the hard for both resident Leithers and local businesses to cope with what is being referred to by some media sources as ‘the new normal’ that our lives will have to adapt to over the months ahead.

Permitted ‘exercise’ has become a matter of ‘social distancing’ from others as we walk, cycle and run when we have that strict ‘hour’ rule we are expected to abide by, that is unless we are going out for food or other essentials like pharmacy medicines etc.

As I have been walking, my elective choice (my bike) as yet has flat tyres and is still covered in the dust of winter storage, I have noted that Leithers are social distancing by the recommended 2 metres (surprised that nobody has questioned the fact that this is metric not imperial) and indeed a new politeness and courtesy now is evident which includes crossing the street to avoid one another or taking another route altogether to make this happen. Some have chosen to wear a mask in the street, others use this only when in a shop along with gloves to handle items of food and household supplies.

Curiously there are a number of gloves lying around on the ground, in hedgerows and on the grass and most of them right handed as well. Were they not missed by their owners at the time they were lost?

Windows have a rainbow or sometimes two, a symbol of hope and various messages, along with the thoughts and feelings of young children.

The ‘comedians’ have been busy as well – we may have lost some freedom but certainly not our sense of humour.

On each Thursday evening at 8.00 p.m. we have remembered our ‘key workers’ in the NHS , and not to forget at the same time our ‘postie’ and ‘bin man’ for their continued services, we have been clapping our hands and cheering on balconies and in gardens, ships in the harbour have sounded their horns.

Some news today that we will have a relaxation in all of this in the near future. A time to think of families and friends that we might be able to meet with again as opposed to waving through the security of a glass window or on Zoom.

On behalf of Leith Harbour and Newhaven Community Council: Stay Safe, Stay Well and at least for now Stay Home.

Douglas Tharby
May 2020

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