Leith Distillery producing hand-sanitiser – for local bodies only

(adapted from a post by Leith Distillery)

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Leith Distillery is now producing hand-sanitiser to assist various local bodies, including the NHS and the police, with the vital work they’re doing at this time. It is providing this service free of charge and is NOT selling sanitiser to the general public.

HMRC has approved Leith Distillery to use our ethanol to produce hand sanitiser to WHO (World Health Organisation) specifications. This is a basic recipe and produces a liquid substance rather than the gelatinous sanitiser that is normally commercially available.

Leith Distillery has no dispenser bottles available and so is distributing sanitiser in  70cl glass Lind & Lime bottles so that it can then be decanted into empty dispensers.

This product is intended to plug a hole in the supply chain while it is needed. As soon as you are able to procure more standard sanatiser gel, please do so. The WHO recipe we are using is not particularly kind to your hands.

Leith Distillery will supply to NHS organisations, care homes, police forces, council workers and any other relevant organisations.

Due to the flammable nature of this product, Leith Distillery is unable to send it by courier elsewhere in the country. It is available by collection only from our stillhouse. Please contact Leith Distillery in advance to organise a collection – do not come without confirmation from Leith Distillery that stock has been allocated for you.

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