Filming at Newhaven Lighthouse

(adapted from a letter from Oblik Productions)

Filming has been scheduled to take place at Newhaven Lighthouse on Friday 4 from the lighthouse pier, and are part of a new Netflix comedy film called Eurovision which is set in present day.

To be able to have a clear shot to film the scenes, and to park the equipment vehicles required, the Council has granted a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) which will temporarily restrict parking on Newhaven Place and Pier Place During our filming pedestrian access to Newhaven lighthouse pier will be restricted.

We are a much smaller crew than Fast & Furious 9 who will have completed their schedule in Edinburgh by the time of our visit. We understand that parking is at a premium in the area and have done our best to minimise disruption by working closely with the Film Office and the Council to ensure that only the required amount of parking is suspended and for the least possible time. The majority of parking restrictions will be removed on completion of filming as soon as all the vehicles have left.

Click here to see Oblik Productions’ full letter.

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