Go Connect scheme

(adapted from an email from Erika Sella of the University of Edinburgh)

My department, the International Office, has been running the Go Connect scheme for a number of years. The scheme matches international students with Edinburgh families and community members to help them settle into University life, learn more about Scotland and enhance their experience of studying abroad. It is also a highly rewarding an enriching opportunity for local members of the community to learn more about different cultures and ways of life.

With an ever increasing number of students from overseas coming to the University, and with financial restrictions and distance preventing many of them from going home during their time at Edinburgh, there is a greater demand for hospitality.

Consequently, we are looking to expand the scheme this year, as it is always heavily oversubscribed. We need as many volunteers as possible who would be willing to host an international student for the academic year. A host’s commitment doesn’t have to be large; it can be as simple as meeting for coffee once or twice.

Could I ask you to spread the word about this opportunity with your community members?  They can find out more about the scheme (and register their interest) here:


I also have posters and flyers available if you think you can find a space on relevant notice boards!

Best wishes,



Erika Sella

International Student Support Coordinator

University of Edinburgh




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