Leith Walk Works (Pilrig Street to Crown Place)

(With thanks to Leith Links CC – the following was taken from their website.)

In advance of the construction work starting on the Pilrig Street to Crown Place stretch of Leith Walk on Monday 19 May, we’re now in a position to provide more information relating to a number of aspects of the work.

 Duration of Works

 The Pilrig Street to Crown Place section of the Leith Walk works is scheduled to last 30 weeks and with an anticipated finish in mid-December 2014.

Number of worksites

 There will be twelve separate worksites in total on this section of Leith Walk.

 Size of worksites

 The size of the worksites will vary but will, in general, be between 60-80 metres in length each.

 Duration at each site

 This will depend on the complexity of each individual site but is expected, on average, to be in the region of a month. In some sections, this may be less, while in others it may be more. We’ll provide more detailed updates during the works at each site.

 The first worksites

 Two separate worksites will be running in tandem at any one time. The first two will cover the following areas:

  • 366 Leith Walk to 337 Leith Walk (area taking in Iona Street junction northwards)
  • 202 Leith Walk to 172 Leith Walk (area taking in Smiths Place junction, Springfield Street junction extending south)

 Temporary loading/unloading bays

 Temporary bays will be provided adjacent to each worksite. A questionnaire has been distributed to local businesses in the worksite areas seeking information regarding the delivery/collection requirements of each business in order to help inform our contractor and to assist in trying to minimise any disruption to normal business operations.

 Waste collection arrangements

 Presentation points for both domestic and trade waste will be provided adjacent to each worksite and the collection times will remain the same as they currently are. Domestic waste will continue to be collected on Wednesday and Sunday evenings while the current trade waste presentation windows (10:00am to 11.30am and 2:00pm to 3:30pm) will continue to operate. Letters are going out to residents to inform of the temporary domestic waste arrangements while local businesses have also been informed in the delivery/collection questionnaire distributed by our contractors. Signage will be put in place directing people to the temporary presentation points.

 Bus stops

 The bus stop at 352 Leith Walk (adjacent to St Columba’s Hospice charity shop) will move temporarily northwards adjacent to 332 Leith Walk. The bus stop at 177 Leith Walk (adjacent to Miller’s Flooring) will move northwards to the former Lothian Buses depot at 165 Leith Walk.

 Pavement and Road resurfacing

 Work will firstly commence with the resurfacing of the outer pavement areas before then carrying out the resurfacing of the pavements in adjacent to property frontages. Every effort will be made to maintain access to businesses and residential properties at all times. In some cases, if the contractor identifies a significant problem in ensuring this, work may take place outside of normal site hours. Carriageway resurfacing will be carried out following this footway work and it is the intention to use lane closures on Leith Walk with the appropriate Traffic Management arrangements, such as temporary traffic lights where required. It will be necessary to temporarily close some side streets when the work is being carried out but these will be kept to a minimum and as much advance notice as possible will be provided.


 While it will be necessary to restrict parking while the works are ongoing in specific areas, our contractors will endeavour to keep these to a minimum.

 General questions regarding the work can be addressed to the City Centre and Leith Neighbourhood Team, citycentreteam@edinburgh.gov.uk, or 0131 529 7061. Issues related to the works on site, such as access enquiries or concerns can be directed to myself, in the first instance, as I will be based in the area and available on mobile number 07739 188438 or email alan.dean@edinburgh.gov.uk

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