The Trams are coming!

Members Briefing 452: First day of Edinburgh Tram passenger service announcement

The date of the first day of Edinburgh Trams passenger service will be announced publicly today.

Councillor Lesley Hinds will be joined at the Gyle Centre tram stop by Transport Minister Keith Brown and Transport for Edinburgh Chief Executive Ian Craig at 9am today to unveil the start date of 31 May 2014, with a specially liveried tram bearing the date and #readytoroll.

The confirmation of the May ‘go live’ date comes as Edinburgh Trams approach the latter stages of a period of essential and rigorous testing, commissioning and driver training in preparation for the return of trams to Scotland’s Capital.

The system has been assessed, training and testing have reached a satisfactory stage, meaning that the four-week countdown can begin.

Media Plan for the announcement:

8:45am – Media assemble at Gyle Centre tram stop

9:00am – Liveried tram pulls up at Gyle Centre tram stop bearing launch date and #readytoroll hashtag
– Council press release issued announcing date and promoted via social media

9-9:30am – Photos and interviews carried out with Cllr Hinds, Ian Craig and Mr Brown with liveried tram in backgroun

Further information:

Katie Spence

Tram Communications Manager

Tel: 0131 529 6225

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