Promotional Campaign for City Centre

City Centre Promotional Campaign launches today.

A new campaign designed to attract families and shoppers back into the city centre of Edinburgh will be launched today (Friday 21 February).

Targeted at residents of Edinburgh and people who live within a two-hour drive time of Scotland’s capital, ‘This is Edinburgh’ aims to increase footfall to the centre by two per cent above the national average. Running for the next two years, it is projected that the campaign will stimulate an additional £50 million spend within the city centre over that time. A survey undertaken last year revealed that whilst the quality of Edinburgh’s shops, restaurants and pubs were rated highly, 92% of residents questioned felt that the tram-works had affected their enjoyment of the city centre. 28% said they had chosen to shop there less than a couple of years ago – but, in a recent questionnaire, 87% said that they were now open to coming back into the city-centre more often.

The campaign has been developed by Marketing Edinburgh, Essential Edinburgh and the City of Edinburgh Council who are working together to boost the economic development of the capital.

TV, outdoor and online advertising will appear from Monday 24 February, focusing on the diverse and unique range of family attractions, shops, restaurants, nightlife and hidden gems that Edinburgh has to offer people of all ages.

The campaign will also extend to social media to encourage residents of Edinburgh to get involved and share their favourite places to see and visit. New city centre fashion and food events and exclusive discounts for local people on a range of shopping, days out and dining experiences will also be part to the campaign.

Celebrities including cyclist Chris Hoy, actor Freya Mavor, singer Nina Nesbit and chef Martin Wishart are also involved, sharing their own Edinburgh insider tips on

Further information
Lindsey Sibbald
Senior Economic Development Officer
Tel: 529 4258

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