‘Waterfront Plaza’

Name/location ‘Waterfront Plaza’ – Ocean Drive (opposite Ocean Terminal)
Owner/developer Cala Homes
Proposal Residential development of 378 flats and houses, including affordable housing and 29 commercial units.
Current status
  • Application approved
  • Work started – will take 5 years.
Key dates
LHNCC POSITION Supported at CEC Hearing 13/12/17 (see January 2018 minutes)
  • High quality development with good brand
  • Improvements to brownfield site in front of Ocean Terminal
  • Provides much needed homes
  • Segregated affordable homes
  • Increased traffic in already busy area
  • Very little greenspace/loss of existing trees
Actions by LHNCC
  • Cala invited to give a presentation at the June 2017 Meeting– Presentation postponed as Application being revised
  • Attended CEC Hearing to support Application – Housing Development preferable to Business Development
Future action Cala attended Meeting 28 August 2018 to present progress update
Notes Affordable Housing (Block F) to be developed by PoLHA start date tbc
Further information
  • Developer website: Cala Homes
  • Cala progress newsletter
  • Have started Utility work on Ocean Drive 12/3/19 for 4 weeks – completed 7/4/19
CEC reference/link 16/03684/FUL