‘Waterfront Plaza’ – Ocean Drive (opposite Ocean Terminal)

Name/location ‘Waterfront Plaza’ – Ocean Drive (opposite Ocean Terminal)
Owner/developer Cala Homes
Proposal Residential development of 378 flats and houses, including affordable housing (82 flats provided by Port of Leith and Cruden Homes) and 29 commercial units.
Current status
  • Application approved
  • Work started – will take 5 years.
Key dates
  • Work started 20 August 2018, and will take 5 years
  • Affordable Blocks start probably August 2019 (completion: May 2021)
LHNCC POSITION Supported at CEC Hearing 13/12/17 (see January 2018 minutes)
  • High quality development with good brand
  • Improvements to brownfield site in front of Ocean Terminal
  • Provides much needed homes
  • Segregated affordable homes
  • Increased traffic in already busy area
  • Very little greenspace/loss of existing trees
Actions by LHNCC
  • Cala invited to give a presentation at the June 2017 Meeting– Presentation postponed as Application being revised
  • Attended CEC Hearing to support Application – Housing Development preferable to Business Development
  • Cala invited and attended Meeting 28 August 2018 to present progress update
Future action
Further information
CEC reference/link 16/03684/FUL