Skyliner – Ocean Drive (opposite Scottish Government)

Name/location ‘Skyliner’ – Ocean Drive (opposite Scottish Government)
Owner/developer S1 Developments
Proposal Residential development of 245 flats in 4 high-rise buildings with heights of 7 storeys (Block A), 13 storeys (Block B), 11 storeys (Block C) and 9 storeys (Block D) with a commercial unit, car parking and associated landscaping.
Current status
  • Previous application approved December 2018, with amendments approved March 2019.
  • New/revised application submitted June 2019
  • Revised documentation 7/8/19 on CEC portal website – no apparent change to density or height issues
Key dates no start date announced yet
LHNCC POSITION Broadly supported (see April 2018 minutes)
  • High-quality development with good brand
  • Improvements to waterfront with new walkway
  • Uses brownfield site
  • Entrance/exit to development is very close to Cala development and proposed tram route
  • Blocks are very high (tallest is 13 storeys)
  • Increased traffic in already busy area
  • Very little greenspace
Actions by LHNCC
  • Grounds for Comment Letter sent 28 March 2018 – support in principle with issues relating to Site Entry/Exit
  • Grounds for Comment letter of Objection for new application sent 11/7/19
Future action
  • LHNCC Planning Committee to review new application and send response letter.
  • To be discussed at Planning Sub Group and main LHNCC meeting 25/6/19
Notes A public consultation was held at Ocean Terminal on 27 February 12.00 – 7.00pm.
Further information Developer website:
CEC reference/link 18/00846/FUL and 19/00414/PAN, new 19/02778/FUL
Case officer Linda Hamilton: Email  Tel 0131 529 3146